Carving Gouge chart

I’ve frustrated students for ages whenever they ask me which gouges they need. Mine are a collection of old, new & in between. English, American, German & Swiss. Which means they don’t have a common marking system to designate the curvature, or “sweep” of the gouges. I took to just blamming them into a piece … Continue reading Carving Gouge chart

Carving gouges

First, thanks for the quick response on the Carving Drawings – I have 6 sets that haven’t gone out yet; but the 2nd print run should be here today. I’ll get those out right away. I thought this would be a good time to look at the carving gouges I use everyday. I checked and … Continue reading Carving gouges

chip carved box for bowl gouges

I spent some time yesterday hewing and carving out a bowl from a too-large-for-a-spoon crook. Cherry. It was great fun, so now it will dry and perhaps I’ll even finish this one. I dug out another that is now dried, and worked that along a bit too. I have collected a range of bowl-carving gouges, … Continue reading chip carved box for bowl gouges

incised w/gouges versus V-tool

Richard Francis, one of the readers of this blog, was kind enough to send me some photographs he shot at the V&A in London, of the paneling I had been studying from published photos & drawings. Thanks, Richard. (well, I got this one sideways…) (here’s the previous discussion of this material: ) My first version … Continue reading incised w/gouges versus V-tool

Carving Drawings, set #2

I spent the day wrestling with the blog pages/posts. They changed it around to make it easier, which makes it harder. But I got mostly what I needed in the end, or something like it. I finally have the 2nd set of my carving drawings done – 8 months late at least. This batch is … Continue reading Carving Drawings, set #2

The Cupboard project; carved drawer front

I worked on the only carving in the whole cupboard just about. This is the front of the 2nd drawer from the top – of the lower case. Here’s the original – It’s 3 repeats of one pattern – here’s the pattern isolated: I made a video of the work, it’s chopped with a gouge … Continue reading The Cupboard project; carved drawer front

a video and some blog upkeep

The carved box front above is the subject of the most recent video. It’s a mostly-free-hand drawing/carving. Some basic centerlines, then jump in from there. The video runs about 80 minutes and shows just about the whole process. I’ll insert it at the bottom of this blog post. I tried to post it yesterday & … Continue reading a video and some blog upkeep