Carving Panels video available

I just uploaded to vimeo-on-demand the most recent video in my series on making a carved joined chest. This one is carving the panels. It’s about 90 minutes long and took me a ridiculous amount of time to put together. These chests have 4 panels of the same pattern across the front. So I shot … Continue reading Carving Panels video available

a carving video, Maureen’s Etsy shop and more

I’ll start with Maureen’s stuff. While I’m poking around in the shop, she’s in the house home-schooling the kids, running the kitchen AND creating various textile things in her spare time. Many of you have already been to her Etsy site and we’re very grateful. For those who are new – here’s the link reading a carving video, Maureen’s Etsy shop and more

New Carving video

I began shooting videos to go along with the new set of carving patterns. No telling how frequently I’ll be able to do these, I’m hoping for every 2 weeks. Lots of stuff in the shop right now though. This design is on page 1, the first pattern – the “tulip.” That’s my name for … Continue reading New Carving video

Carving Drawings, set #2

I spent the day wrestling with the blog pages/posts. They changed it around to make it easier, which makes it harder. But I got mostly what I needed in the end, or something like it. I finally have the 2nd set of my carving drawings done – 8 months late at least. This batch is … Continue reading Carving Drawings, set #2

Carving Gouge chart

I’ve frustrated students for ages whenever they ask me which gouges they need. Mine are a collection of old, new & in between. English, American, German & Swiss. Which means they don’t have a common marking system to designate the curvature, or “sweep” of the gouges. I took to just blamming them into a piece … Continue reading Carving Gouge chart

An on-line spoon carving class in January

I’m going to try the online class routine in January. Not that it will be that hard a stretch, I’ve opted to go with the most relaxed task-master going – Elia Bizzarri. He & Curtis Buchanan struck a pretty casual pose in their chair class, which I learned a lot from. It will be 2 … Continue reading An on-line spoon carving class in January

Strapwork design & carving

I have this great piece of red oak; quartersawn, 12″ x 24″, clear, pretty straight (thanks, Rick) – and after seeing the carved lid on the cedar box the other day, I decided to try a large panel of a strapwork design again. Usually when I undertake these patterns, I only have a partial idea … Continue reading Strapwork design & carving

Carving video; the lunettes

I plodded my way through another video edit to go along with the Carving Drawings – this one the lunette above. I can’t match Daniel for speed, and this one had two good camera angles, but the sound levels dip when I switch to the canon camera view. But all the steps are there, some … Continue reading Carving video; the lunettes