walnut book stand for sale

  Slowly I am coming around to almost liking some walnut…how’s that for a qualifying statement? Much of the stock I had last year was excellent quality – straight grain and clear. Around the shop I have been making boxes and boxes from it, practicing dovetails. But one task that I really like it for … Continue reading walnut book stand for sale

now we can see the book stand

Gary Roberts of http://toolemera.com/ kindly captured the bookstand photo for me & emailed it this morning…   So now you can compare this joined one with the turned one I did. When I get the slide scanner running again, I’ll load photos of the original turned one. Thanks again to Trent for sending the link to this … Continue reading now we can see the book stand

Bretagne joinery (& an English book stand)

Some of you will remember the great sketches that arrived in my inbox one day. https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2010/02/08/sketch-re-pitsawing/ They were from Maurice Pommier, who now has sent some photos from his trip to Bretagne (Brittany to some of us…)   Maurice’s note:   “I forget to say you where exactly I take tese pictures: In the “écomusée des … Continue reading Bretagne joinery (& an English book stand)

I have more fun than I can stand

I keep plugging away. Yesterday I got to use some planes!   What a blast – the spoons and bowls are great fun, challenging, etc…but no planes. I need to make a molding to run around my most recent frame & panel – it’s one like this, all I have left is to make the molding & … Continue reading I have more fun than I can stand

a couple of books

Just a note about a couple of books I have been reading lately. First is The Sibley Guide to Trees, (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2009) by David Sibley. Sibley is well-known to birders in North America for his guides to birds. His books have quickly become the standard bird guides.  I have no idea … Continue reading a couple of books

Back in the shop

First off – my holdfast is bigger than yours. Being back at Colonial Williamsburg last week reminded me of my previous visit there 11 years ago. I was using the 18th-century style holdfasts, and made an off-hand comment along the lines of “boy, these high holdfasts get in the way…” Ken Schwartz, the head blacksmith … Continue reading Back in the shop

Finished an oak & pine carved box

Then I fitted a lid onto a new box I made recently. Iron hinges – “gimmals” in the 17th century. I’ve gone over setting these before on the blog, and in the chest video with Lie-Nielsen. https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/setting-gimmals-you-might-know-them-as-snipe-bills/ So I won’t go over the whole thing here. I usually mount these now in the box’s back before … Continue reading Finished an oak & pine carved box

a bunch of carved stuff, some intentionally half-done

I have been doing some carving lately…I have a number of half-finished (some 7/8 finished) stuff around. The oak I’ve been carving lately is intentionally half-finished, so I have stuff to demonstrate at the Fine Woodworking Live event this coming weekend. In the 7/8 finished department, there is this – what’s different? It’s maple. Slated … Continue reading a bunch of carved stuff, some intentionally half-done