Chest photos

I emptied half the shop today (with Daniel’s help) so I could shoot photos of the joined chest I made for that video series. It’s going to a customer soon, so I wanted to get proper-enough shots of it. Who knows if I’ll make it again?

this is only part of it

I’m so glad I don’t have a bigger shop, I’d only have a bigger mess. As for the photos, I shoot them almost every single time with just daylight. Sometimes too much, sometimes not enough.

front view

I shot almost all of them from outside the shop. One or two through an open window, the others through the door.

open drawer

The front panels of this chest are white oak, all the other hardwood bits are red oak (except the drawer pulls, those are white also). White pine floor, drawer bottoms and rear panel.

inside – the floor & rear panel

The till has a red oak lid and side, red cedar bottom.


The drawer front has a pattern I never tire of carving.

detail, drawer front

Same is true of the panels – that panel opening is about 8 3/4″ x 13 1/2″.

panel detail

Here’s the shot I like the best, I added a small light from our right just to throw some shadows – the daylight was shifting this way & that. Shot it through the open window behind the stove.

carved & joined chest w drawer, 2022

Everybody’s tired of hearing about it, but just in case some of the new readers missed it – there’s a whole video series showing how I made this chest. You can buy the whole thing – over 20 hours – or pick & choose episodes – details here – and 6 pages of plans for the chest, drawn by Jeff Lekowtiz – I’ve been too battle-shy to go in & change the price back to its non-sale price…so…

a detail from Jeff’s drawings

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    div dir=”ltr”>Hello Peter,

    I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about how we, independent woodworking instructors, price our work. It seems there’s a lot of market pressure to keep prices for our videos and plans artificially low.


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