Finishing up my chairmaking video

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I’ve been working full-time lately on finishing the videos for my series that I’ve now titled “Making a Jennie Alexander Chair”. And I’m finally ready to admit that I am, in fact, a windbag. When I used to make videos with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Thomas Lie-Nielsen came to me one day & asked if it was possible for me to make one shorter than Ben-Hur. I just looked it up, that movie was only 3 hours and 32 minutes. Paltry.

red oak growth rings and medullary rays

I used to talk for a living when I worked in a museum – and what I talked about was woodworking. So now, since Pete Galbert made his long-form video on chairmaking, I ran with his idea. My joined chest series was over 20 hours. But making that joined chest is about 80 hours of work.  

joined chest with drawer 2022

This one is maybe half of that and it’s still long. As I’ve been editing it, I see that all I did was turn on two cameras and babble incessantly as I worked. Some of it is what I’m doing, some of it is what Alexander did, how this part came about – changes and even things that I don’t know why they were this way or that way…but a class in making this chair is 6 days – so an 8-10-hour video is still a drop in the bucket.

weaving a hickory bark seat

If all goes well, it should be finished this week. It’ll be on vimeo, available for streaming or downloading – $75. I’ll shout when it’s ready.

rear posts in bending forms

5 thoughts on “Finishing up my chairmaking video

  1. Peter,
    You are as gifted in gab as you are in woodworking, and that’s saying something! I certainly relate to how your mind makes connections and draws on experiences and I’ve always enjoyed how you let inspiration take over and how you share those stories and experiences. One of the best parts of taking your courses over the years has been the “in-between instruction” instruction. I say let the inspiration flow. I’d guess that most of your viewers are hobbyists, they’ll watch the video several times before attempting any work, and even if they are watching to learn techniques or absorb information (I do this all the time) they’ll get everything they need and more from your videos.
    Long story short: the world needs unedited Follansbee!

  2. Peter,

    I really appreciate the anecdotes, historical tidbits, and side topics. They enrich the context and add valuable “pearls” of wisdom. Not to mention, they are often fun.


  3. Surely I can’t be the only one who has no problem at all with long format videos. So, please babble away to your heart’s content.

  4. Peter,
    I bought the series on January 6, I finished all 20 plus hrs by 16th (yesterday) and I am now in withdrawal. I think it is the perfect pace and not at all too long. I really enjoyed how you present the material.

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