Video trailer and drawings-sale extended

I knew Jennie Alexander for almost 40 years and worked closely with her for 30 of them. About 10 years ago I started making versions of her chair again and then after her death in 2018 I collaborated with other friends as Lost Art Press put together the 3rd edition of her book Make a Chair from a Tree. As she would say, “It’s been quite a journey.”

I’m planning a vimeo-on-demand series about making the chair and today put together a draft of an introductory section on the chair and some of JA’s ideas and techniques. Not sure how much of this will end up in the video itself – once I get talking I tend to go on & on. Right now I have rough edits of about 4 1/2 hours. Today I’m going to the shop to hopefully do the full assembly of the chair.

shaving chair parts

I’ll post updates on the progress, my goal is to have the full video done and available for purchase in the 2nd half of January. I expect it’ll be somewhere around 8-10 hours. I’ll have it all done at once, unlike my chest series that came out in dribs & drabs. Here’s the intro draft


The chest plans and carving drawings have been on sale at a discounted price – as well as the video series on building the joined chest. I’m going to extend those prices til January 15. Details for the drawings are here And for the video series – here

JA’s book is here

The evening grosbeak and her allies are wolfing down the birdseed, so the proceeds will help keep my feeders full.

evening grosbeak, female

5 thoughts on “Video trailer and drawings-sale extended

  1. Thx for the sale just received my chest drawings and they look amazing, so much work jammed into those few pages. THANK You can’t wait to plane some wood for it!!!! Glad I can help your feeders out too. I know what a task it is keeping them fed this time of year.

  2. This trailer is great and I can’t wait for the full video series to be available. What types of wood(s) are you using in the build?

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