chest progress finally

A couple of things happened. First, the season changed which means the light changed. I always enjoy the way the light changes from one season to the next.

autumn light

All the interest in the chest-plans had me chomping at the bit to get back to that project. And I went back to the chiropractor on Monday. So today I began working on shooting video for making the chest lid. And so far, nothing hurts. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

ripping oak boards

There’s lots of options for chest lids. The best, no surprise, is also the most demanding. An oak lid made of multiple riven boards. Takes a big log and a lot of effort.

riven oak lid

A simple way to do it is to use a wide white pine lid. I really like these, they’re light. Fast and pretty easy. They can get dinged up, being soft wood. But that’s just part of living. We all get dinged up now & then.

oak chest pine lid

A paneled lid is another option.

one of the plainest chests I ever made

I’m making this lid out of 3 quartersawn red oak boards. It will be close to the riven-board lid. Effort is in between that and the pine lid. Maybe a toss-up with the paneled lid.


The chest plans now are on a page with the carving drawings – As far as the PDFs go – of any of the 3 of these – I had hoped to set up a place where you could just pay for them with paypal and download them. But so far that’s beyond my blog-capability. But if you want any of them as PDFs, just email me & I’ll send a paypal invoice.

3 thoughts on “chest progress finally

  1. Mostly due to regional custom, which is due to the environment (amazingly windy & dry, therefore dusty, I like paneled faces. These are generally made with the panels proud of the surrounding frame and beveled at the edges. Other wise they become “sandy hollows”. Best to you, yours, and your health.

  2. I rived out (rove?) and planed wood for a chest before you published “Joiner’s Work”, it is set aside in the barn – somewhere – waiting for me to start. I look forward to getting the plans, and hope that Lyme disease really is finished with you. John

  3. Hi Peter had a question about those drawer sides. How wide is the stock your using? For some reason they look thicker. Good luck w/ the Lymes I wish you the best on a successful recovery!!

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