two updates

chest with drawer

Yesterday I finished the video of making the drawer for my joined chest series on vimeo. It was a bit of a slog, that’s the video I was working on when I found out that Lyme disease was attacking my joints. So it got interrupted for a while. I’m mostly better now & starting back to work in the shop. Little by little I guess.

The video series is now up to 18 hours and 22 minutes, which is either really painful or just the ticket, depending on how you look at it. But it’s most of what I know about making these particular chests. Even some really staggering blunders. There’s at least two more videos to come – one on making & installing the lid and one on sharpening carving gouges. So if you later decide you want to tackle one of these, the video series will be there showing how I do it.

I also corrected some of my mishaps with the blog pages that sell the carving drawings.

I’m still working on offering them as downloads – but first I had to fix what happened. I had wiped out the page I think. I just created a new one instead of trying to figure it out. So now that page is here

During the fall I’ll try to catch up on the youtube videos that go with those drawings. The strapwork layout from the other day is an example…

That page is where the chest plans will go when they’re ready as well. I hope so anyway.

5 thoughts on “two updates

  1. Hey Peter, I’m sorry to hear about your Lyme. I’ve had it for 27 years and it’s awful. Hang in there and demand more antibiotics! I hope you are otherwise well and maybe one day I’ll be able to make it to a class or fest sometime soon.

    Take care,
    Ben Kirk

  2. Glad you are doing a little better, Peter. I have really been enjoying the joined chest series. My own chest comes along at a snail’s pace, but it is deeply satisfying work.
    I watched the strapwork video- great stuff that I aim to try after the chest.
    Thanks and best wishes for a full recovery!

  3. Hey Peter, It has been a while since my last comment here…I still read each of your posts…I’m so sorry about the Lyme to attach…I know exactly what you have gone through. I’m actually part of the Stamford Lyme vaccine study so will never be free of this debilitating desire but at least I got the active vaccine before it was disapproved for humans after the study…If you do get a chance to read this, or can respond directly, I would like to know how many more of the videos you will add to this collection. I like the idea of getting all of them at the $100 price, but uncertain of what more you may add and if I should wait…Blessings, j

  4. Hi Jay
    I heard about some vaccine trials – that have maybe started up again? We’ll see. As for the videos, whenever someone buys them, they get all that’s already there & any that come after. Right now it’s about 14 videos, totaling over 18 hours. At least two more to come. When the dust settles, I may do another series on building the Jennie Alexander chair. If I do that, I’ll shoot them all first & release it all at once. Any more questions, shout. PF

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