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  1. Background checks will not stop the killings. Takeaway their guns, crack down on school bullying and you will not have these issues. Why is America the only country in the world that these problems? Because any idiot can get a gun.

  2. Hi. Good for you. Glad you posted it.

    Hope all is well. Best regards,


    David Handsman
    Bleakley Platt & Schmidt, LLP

  3. honestly, if anyone can look at the news, see a bunch of dead children and not feel the need to act, i would worry about their humanity. thank you for sharing it. we, as a society, owe our children far more than we have given them.

  4. That bill won’t make one iota of a difference. It is how we raise kids today. Up until the early 80’s kids could take a high powered rifle to school with them , to go hunting after school. What changed?

  5. What changed? The growth FOX News, white nationalism, manufactured outrage, radicalization of gun culture, and trolls like yourself who like to act dumb about all that.

  6. Peter – thank you so much for sharing. I agree with Steve whole heartedly. I’m fed up. We all should be.

    Best Regards,

    Bill Nelson 707-688-7187


  7. Thank you Peter for posting this. Something must be done. Our voices must be heard. I voted!

  8. Peter,
    If any person has ANY problem with what you wrote I could only wonder what is going through their twisted minds
    I watched with horror, the nightmare that unfolded before my eyes, transfixed tears falling from my eyes not believing what had happened. AGAINI I can only hope that anyone who saw or heard what Steve Kerr had said last night had some effect on them. Children innocent children who were slaughtered for what? I have a son who I cherish and love with all of my heart and soul, something that the parents of these children will never fully comprehend why they will never see their children again.

  9. I’m not a troll and I am an Independent voter. I simply asked the obvious question and you replied with the hysterics du jour.Kids have been being raised for two million years and this problem has just cropped up very recently. I would have to say that someone is not doing a very good job at raising kids.Violent video games, schools that treat kids like cattle, parents that are just too distracted. Many reasons for todays problems and no one wants to fix the real problems just drag out the “Get rid of guns”mantra, and call anyone who disagrees with you childish names. Trust me, they don’t bother me.

    • Violent video games excuse is b.s. I played violent video games as a youth and adult and I do not own guns nor have I killed anyone. Even if there was truth to it, you cannot deny removing the weapon or easy access to the weapon decreases the death toll.
      Sure, people still do things like plow through a crowd with their car… but on the subject of gun violence, legislation is a good start.

    • Bob,

      Do you think we don’t have these things in Canada? In the UK? Anywhere else? The only difference between America and the rest of the world is guns and access to them. That’s why America has FIFTY-SEVEN TIMES the number of mass shootings as the rest of the G7 countries, COMBINED. That’s it. That’s the reason. You are desperately searching for anything to disclaim your obsession with firearms to the point of utter cluelessness.

      It’s apparent you aren’t bothered – by the senseless deaths of children, the elderly, people of colour, and anyone else who’s been subjected to these attacks. You’re bothered by the notion that you can’t have unfettered access to shooty things, and if thousands of innocent people have to die, then that’s the price to pay for your selfishness. THAT is the problem with today. People like you who consider their inconvenience more important than other’s lives. You’re not independent. You’re gun-dependent.

  10. Thank you for the link. I don’t have tv service so i would have missed the broadcast. It’s a sad century in America. When I was growing up, our leaders from both sides could frequently come together to do what was right, regardless of political party.

  11. Thank you Peter. But I’m afraid that when this Supreme Court announces their decision in the Bruen case in a few months it’s going to make gun violence worse, not better.

  12. Thanks for broaching a subject more important than wood. I believe that the only way for this trend to stop is for everyone to make some sacrifice. Until we ALL make some concessions there will be little change. it is dismaying to see how many of us put our own small beliefs and conveniences above the lives of innocent people.

  13. Bravo Peter, I live in Western NY and 45 minutes before the shooting in Buffalo, I was working two blocks away. Horrifying! On Monday of this week, I was surveying a site on the East side of Buffalo regarding installation of a park bench made by my students. A lady approached me and told me that her son had been murdered a month earlier. It turns out he was a member of a program that is part of the organization I work for. There were two other murders that same day.

  14. Thank you for the posting. Read all posts up to now.
    I do believe that sensible gun laws would help. I don’t want your hunting rifle or your hand gun…
    But what I would like instead is universal: licensing, background checks, waiting periods; the removal of “assault” weapons and above all education. I’m not against gun ownership or hunting, except trophy hunting. We all have to remember the amendment has two parts, and also it was not the second most important amendment, it was simply the second one approved, (per the U.S. National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA)

  15. If we….all of us….don’t use our voices to speak truth to power, then We are part of the problem. Bravo Peter and thank you!!!

  16. Well said, to both the gentleman in the video and to you Peter for using you platform to promote this.

  17. Reasonable laws for gun ownership seem obvious. Our inability to have them suggests how much rot there is in our current political structure. A bigger question might be how we control the hate and madness stored up in so many hearts?
    William Faulkner:
    “If we in America have reached that point in our desperate culture when we must murder children, no matter for what reason or what color, we don’t deserve to survive, and probably won’t.”

  18. Thank you, Peter! We must all rise and speak out until this madness. Bless you for posting this.

  19. A friend and I were talking about that today. Neither of us remember anything at all like that when we were in grade school 50 years ago. People weren’t unarmed then, though there have been changes in numbers and types of guns since then. What else has changed?

    • Unfortunately while you may not have been aware of it at the time, it was happening fifty years ago. In 1965 a 16 year-old boy killed three people shooting at random cars on Highway 101. In 1974, a student killed three people in the Olean High School shooting. In 1975, eight children were shot in the Easter Sunday Massacre. In 1979, a 16 year-old girl shot and killed two adults and injured eight children in the Cleveland Elementary School Shooting. Very little has changed.

        • I quite agree. There’s more awareness, through both broadcast and social media. There’s more availability to juveniles of semi automatic weapons rather than the bolt action and .22 rifles available 50 years ago. There’s double the population as well. All of these exacerbate the situation. But the underlying problem is not new. It pre-dates violent video games and modern child rearing methods. It is a part of American society and until there is the popular and political will to address it, I suspect that sadly these events will continue.

  20. Thank you Peter for posting and I did see this this morning. I can’t even fathom this happening to our innocent children and teachers in a place where you are meant to have the freedom to learn in school. There is a “moms demand action”( also student demand action) and Dads can join too). movement I am a part of to help get back ground checks, bad bills passed, and red flag laws. This needs the stop, now and we need an angel tribe to step up and get the job done.

  21. I had already seen this elsewhere, but I thank you for posting it because it deserves your backing and the widest possible dissemination. You are clearly a good man, and that is even more important than being a good woodworker, as you have so often proved.

  22. When will it change, bodies were still warm and a former press secretary was already , “now is not the time b.s.”. Only way is voting. Good on you for standing up.

  23. Step one: vet educators capable of defending our children and hire them. And remove those who are not capable of defending our children.

    Step two: mandatory firearms training for educators. You can come back to work when you are capable of defending our children.

    Step three: Arm all veted and trained educators.

    Step five: mission accomplished, schools are no longer soft targets. Because no one hits a hard target willingly. violators will be shot, and then shot again.

    • Hi Jason. As a teacher for the past 28 years, I wanted to address your plan. Teachers are paid peanuts, denied basic respect, forced to follow standardized tests created by politicians, and accused of making white students uncomfortable if we teach Civil Rights (gasp!), and now should be trained as security guards? A trained safety officer was taken out by this gunman. Police officers, with even more training, were also shot. I’m not sure a history teacher packing heat is going to help. Funding: we can’t pay our teachers what they are worth, I doubt we can afford expensive firearms and training. If teachers are not trained at the level of police officers, I question if they could stop a shooting. Improper firearm storage is a common problem among gun owners–can you imagine that playing out in a school? What about the psychological trauma of forcing educators to shoot their students, and possibly kill others by mistake? What if a teacher failed to stop an event, would the teacher or school be held liable? Do you really think schools are going to agree to such a risk of litigation? Most importantly, if an important part of my job is to watch out for threats, what state of mind am I going to be in when a student comes to me emotionally distraught? Will I be able to help that student, if I know I am also responsible for potentially shooting that student if things go sideways? What kind of educational environment would that be? Do you really want your teachers to see your kids as threats?

    • For Jason or his kind, the idea is to keep flapping lips about responsible gun ownership/ rights until the conspiracy nuts to come up with an “alternative” narrative. The armed and armoured police were afraid to go into the school, so I don’t think the idea of arming teachers with sidearms is nomads in good faith.

  24. As a parent who has lost a child – I know all too well how devastating this latest tragedy is for these parents and the siblings of those murdered children. You do NOT know how it feels to lose a child unless you have. And I hope you never do. I lose any respect for someone who can justify the defense of having an assault weapon of any kind. There is nothing you can say to me that will ever convince me that they should be allowed on the street. There is NO excuse for the lack of civility and action by a few who value power more than life. As Mr. Kerr alluded to, it SHOULDN’T matter what your political affiliation is – wrong is wrong. We all know we are supposed to be better than this.


  25. Know what their positions are on the important ‘stuff’, always vote in every election, vote for women!

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