carved box class last week at LAP

Clint planing oak

I ventured a long ways from home last week to teach a carved box class at Lost Art Press. 6 great students, some of whom were new to hand tools and almost all new to carving. They did great work. We started with a stack of quartersawn oak boards, planed them up a bit and dove into carving.

seeing patterns in addition to carving them

I brought my usual pile of sample carvings & photos. We spent a day doing practice patterns then on the 2nd afternoon they were carving their box fronts for keeps. Often there’s a student who has their own ideas – unlike me, the copyist. Below is the box front by Peter from Boulder, CO. A little bit of everything.

I’ve never seen this before

When I first taught a carved box class many years ago I would not include the lidded till inside. Once I gave in & let them make tills all hell broke loose. Three little boards (bottom, side & lid) wreak such havoc with an assembly. This group aced them. Below Clint is chopping out the notches for his till.

till work

I told Gary the hardest part of using winding sticks is getting up & down. He did better than me, I didn’t hear him groan once.

winding sticks

He & Pat were neck-and-neck trimming the pegs that secure the glued rabbet joints. Being by the large front windows gets them in lots of photos.

bevel down

All in all a nice stack of boxes – by the end of the 5th day we heard all the lids go “plunk” just as they should. This photo was a bit before the last couple were done, one student had a flight to catch…

6 excellent oak & pine boxes

I don’t have any other classes planned yet for 2022 – might tuck something into the fall. May is for birding, summer’s too hot. We’ll see. I’ll post anything that comes up here on the blog. Thanks to Chris & Megan for making it happen. “Such a a long, long time to be gone & a short time to be there…”

5 thoughts on “carved box class last week at LAP

  1. Last week, I was privileged to be a member of Peter Follansbee’s carved box class at Lost Art Press in Covington, Kentucky. Both the instructor and the venue were exceptional. Peter is an international expert in 17th century joinery, making chairs, tables, boxes, and furniture that any Pilgrim would want in his/her home. Over the five-day class, he convinced a small group of enthusiastic novices that they could use hand tools to carve and craft an ornate wooden box. Both he and they were successful. Lost Art Press was an ideal location for the class. The space was pleasant and well equipped. Chris and Megan ensured that any logistics needs were filled…as well as providing some occasional guidance. I highly recommend classes by Mr. Follansbee and classes taught at Lost Art Press.

  2. Grateful Dead quotes, you’re taking be back a few years. Of course I had to play the “American Beauty” album right away.

  3. Please host another class, i’ll dust and sweep and bring you coffee! I cant get enough of your book. Bravo! Im in love with your work

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! I envy them a bit, but I am really happy for the class.

    You got me started carving spoons (because of a The Woodwright’s Shop episode), and my son (age five) admires these boxes (as do I!). Thanks for the older Youtube videos about carving, and when I have a bit free time I’ll buy the Vimeo series. Travelling overseas won’t happen in the next few years :( (though you never know – it might!). I’ll go to the woods now, gather some of the cherry offcuts, and check out how the birds are doing, have yet to see our local buzzard this spring.

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