Joined Chest video series

picture it with a drawer instead of those brackets

Well today’s the day. 

In December 2020 I subscribed to a series of videos Pete Galbert was releasing called Foundation in Chairmaking. I knew right away I wanted to do the same with a joined chest. And now I have. Or started it anyway. 

what to do with this?

I got a great red oak log that’s perfect for joiner’s work. I didn’t have any particular work scheduled that needed it, so I decided to begin a video series like Pete’s. For the project, I chose to copy a chest that means a lot to me, the first group of joined carved chests I ever studied, starting back in 1990. You’ve maybe seen bits and pieces about them in my work over the years. Here’s one I saw in New York a couple of winters ago. 

chest by John Savell 1660-1687

The chests were made in Braintree, Massachusetts by a joiner named William Savell and his sons John & William, between 1640 and 1700. The video series is open-ended; I don’t know how long it will be (Galbert’s ran about 15 hours) – but my previous chest-video with Lie-Nielsen is 4+ hours. This will be MUCH longer than that. There will be room for much more detail and background. I have just posted the introduction, which looks at a restored version of one of these chests and then a segment in the shop introducing the material and some alternatives. That video is about 45 minutes, I expect the shop videos to be an hour to an hour & a half. If a subject runs longer than that, I’ll probably split it in 2. I’ll get to talk about and show you various joined chests and how these Braintree chests are similar and different. And there’s carving. Of course. 

top rail lunette, c. 1670-1700

The introductory price is $85 for the whole series. On March 1, 2022 that price will go up. Readers have asked for the option to buy individual segments, so I put that there at $15 per video. Below is a trailer and you can follow that to purchase it. 

I have shot much of the splitting and riving, hewing and planing. So as I finish up my cupboard I’ll be working on getting the next video posted – hopefully about two weeks from now. 

And Jeff Lefkowitz and I are working on a set of drawings/plans for one of these chests. Subscribers to the whole series will get a discount on those plans when they are ready. I have no timetable for that but we’re working on them. 

14 thoughts on “Joined Chest video series

    • Hi Matt – it should be there on Vimeo on Demand. If see the trailer there, just click the link that says “buy all $85” – then you probably have to sign up for vimeo, email all that blather…
      hope you’re doing well, PF

      • Got it! All is well Peter. Hope you and the fam are also well. Holler if work or life ever takes you to South to NC

  1. WOW Peter I wish you the best of luck with these sets of videos. I guess I have to sign up for Vimeo now. I have a nice chunk of slow grown old oak that will be just right for this. I have always had a thing for the oak furniture that came out of Braintree around that time, Thanks Im looking forward to it as well.

  2. Fantastic idea! I just picked up Joiner’s Work and completed my first box after admiring your work for a couple of years. You have another subscriber here!

  3. I signed up today Peter. I have no illusions that I could actually make that chest but watching you is worth the price. Where did you get that great little scrub plane? I want one of those.

    Joe Aversa

  4. Peter,
    I do want to sign up, but I need to ask question prior to signing up. Will I be able to record sessions on a DVD and take to my shop to play on my laptop-no wi-fi in the shop.
    Looking foorward to the journey.

    • Pete
      From what I understand – and I’ve not done it – you will be able to. You can download the file to your computer, thus you have it to burn. Search something like this “burn a vimeo on demand download” and you’ll get lots of answers.

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