Starting to fill blank spaces

Lots of bits and pieces these days. I’ll just post some photos & captions as a way of showing what’s been happening on my cupboard project lately. Here it is as it now stands:

starting to fill some blank spaces

I was ready to put the top on the lower case. But first needed to attach this molding around the front & sides. Glue and small cut nails (in lieu of headless iron sprigs.)

upper molding. lower case

Then pegged the top on. 7 or 8 3/8″ square oak pins.

square peg round hole

Then the upper case is ready to fit to the lower. The backs are flush, so I’m back there lining it up. To my right is a batch of c. 100 pieces – turnings & moldings painted black and drying by the stove.

setting it up

Then a mortise to register the top case to the bottom.

1/2″ x 3 1/8″ x 1″ deep

Maybe at that point I turned my attention to the upper case. Took the door out & nailed the floor down. To get the middle two boards in place, you have to spring them in. Takes some oomph and some nerve. I barely had either.

I ended up getting a mallet

Then the door’s moldings. First I installed the lock – I didn’t want to be banging on this door once these moldings are in place. Here’s the outer molding being glued and nailed down. Spacers cut form matboard help align it.

the moldings were some of the first work I did on this project

The next molding is the “bolection” molding. It overlaps the panel/frame junction. Barely…it’s only glued and nailed through its top and bottom strips – to the frame of the door. The molding sample shows what I mean…I think.

it overlaps more one way than the other

Then the third frame goes inside the 2nd. I still haven’t decided yet what goes inside that frame…a turned oval maybe, or a faceted molded piece. I’ll fill the space with a block then glue something on there..

that’s enough for now

(pt 28 Essex County cupboard project 2021/22)

6 thoughts on “Starting to fill blank spaces

  1. How in the world did you keep the hundreds of pieces straight as in able to put your fingers on the right piece at the right time, let alone where did you safely store all of them?

  2. Moved to comment and praise yet again. Although most of us have some idea of the long slow road of a project like this, to see it assembled this far…stunning! I hope you also had a similar feeling, even knowing that the remaining work will still be longer and more than we ever estimate, keep plugging along, we appreciate your work and willingness to share. :)

  3. That door is incredibly busy – like the whole cabinet, sure. Still, it is the first time I really get a feeling for the amount of little parts that make up all of the decoration. I think I sort of got the joinery, watching some old Woodwright’s Shop episodes helped.

    I love it that there are people commissioning such work and craftsmen to still do it!

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