Test-fitting the pillars

The lower case pillars. This section is getting close to assembly. Today I bored the blocks for the pillars’s tenons and wrestled the whole thing together. First thing I did was slightly undercut the ends of the pillars.

cutting the ends

Then some layout and boring the holes in the ends of the blocks for the tenons. They aren’t a tight fit, but I still don’t want them too loose. My tenons were only 7/8″ long, I’d have liked them longer, but the stock was real close to the finished size.

aligning the bit

But they came out alright – this is how they should look.

If they all looked like that…

So some wrestling with an unwieldy assembly.

the top drawer’s frame going onto the tops of the pillars

Because the tenons were so short, I couldn’t pick this whole thing up as one. The bottom tenons barely make it through that shelf. So the next time I get to make a cupboard like this…

I stuck the top drawer frame, pillars & shelf onto the side frame’s tenons.

just about manageable

Then knocked the bottom drawer-frame in place.

Looks like it’ll work

Some pulling here, knocking there and it came together. For now…

lower case tested again

It’s been through so many test-fits I’m sick of it. Next up is coloring the lower case parts. So I’ll knock it back apart to a degree, color it and then actual assembly.

(pt 22 Essex County cupboard project 2021)

9 thoughts on “Test-fitting the pillars

  1. Imagining you rushing back and forth tapping at this and that. i would have been swearing the whole time. Ask your son to help with next assembly, too dangerous on your own. All these cupboards were a bear just to examine!

  2. I am loving watching the process of this chest coming together. Thanks for your patience with that process. It’s looking beautiful, as with everything you build.

  3. This is getting exciting. I’ve loved the similar cabinets I’ve seen in the MET museum. If I ever get a bigger place, something like this will be on my list. It’s been wonderful to follow the process through…I wish more of the internet was this sort of thing.

  4. I love watching this come together, it looks so complex finished. I have learned a lot with this one. Thanks!!

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