work in progress

well, the verdict is that I will try to run that video series I asked about last time, building a carved chest with a drawer. Lots of stuff to figure out before then, none of which is woodworking. But today I started riving and planing a few pieces for the chest.

riven stile

I have a desk box underway, ordered as a present. Time for the guts and then the top & bottom.

desk box, red oak

This is “made-up” – not a copy of an existing desk box. The size and proportion are derived from one I studied. The carvings – the front is based on one I saw on Marhamchurch Antiques’s site, or his Instagram page.

front carving

The ends I made up based on some New England work, as well as the Devon work that so often appears on Marhamchurch’s site.

detail carving

Paul Fitzsimmons is the man behind Marhamchurch Antiques – and he’s even more fanatical about oak furniture from Devon than I am – and his Instagram page I owe Paul a lot – I benefit greatly from his postings and photographs.

The cupboard is still on-going. I’ve been making moldings and doing test-samples for coloring it. I don’t remember what it looked like last time I posted it -but here it is today.

cupboard lower case

4 thoughts on “work in progress

  1. Thanks so much for turning me on to Pauls site, Marhamchurch Antiques has so many neat pieces to give me ideas and inspiration

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