Furniture for sale etc

white oak & hickory chair

I just shot some photos & cursed a while at the dashboard of the blog while I put together an updated page of Furniture for sale. Two ladderbacks and a carved box are the new items. One brettstuhl is leftover from last time. The details are here

This is the carved box –

butternut box

I also just got a new shipment of my first set of carving drawings so now both sets are in stock and available here

The 2nd set is on top of that page, scroll down to reach the first set…

5 thoughts on “Furniture for sale etc

  1. Peter,
    I just ordered Set #1, thanks !
    Thank you for your letter to FWW # 292 re:Joshua Klein, FWW #291!
    Living history museums – Winterthur (especially Dominy), Williamsburg, Strawberry Bank, Old Mystic Seaport, Monticello, and on and on- have been tremendous learning experiences and inspirations for me.
    Thank you for your blog
    Pete Magoon

  2. Hi Peter…I really enjoy your blog! Just wondering if you’re thinking about teaching your carving/box class at the Woodwright’s School this Spring? I was signed up for it when it got canceled due to the pandemic.

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