One more class opening – last minute

recent white oak & hickory chair

I know it sounds like Yogi Berra’s “Deja Vu all over again”, but we have ONE MORE last-minute opening in the upcoming ladderback chair class. Last week I posted about an opening, we filled it, then a different student had to drop out. So if you are interested and available (and vaccinated) here’s the lowdown about the class.

It’s at Pete Galbert’s shop in Rollinsford, New Hampshire Oct 3-9. So coming right up. 

Here’s the details.

The class covers making the chair the way I learned it with Jennie Alexander – splitting and shaving the parts from green oak, working with what we call “wet/dry” joinery (it’s more complicated than that, we’ll get into it) chopping slat mortises and all the necessary setup and angles for boring the mortises. Then forming the tenons on kiln-dried rungs and assembly. Shaping and bending the two slats and final trimming of the chair. Seat weaving – I’ll be able to demonstrate it, some will have time for weaving seats, but I have NO materials for student’s seats. The hickory bark JA preferred is hard to come by commercially, Shaker tape is a good alternative.

The recently published 3rd edition of Make a Chair from a Tree outlines the methods JA used once she began teaching the class after the first edition came out in 1978. I’ll have a couple of Alexander’s chairs with me, as well as a recent one of my own. And to have Pete Galbert as the host and resident chairmaking fiend – how could it be better?

Email me and we can sort the details out if you’re able to join us.

2 thoughts on “One more class opening – last minute

  1. In all my years of woodworking I’ve never made a chair from start to finish. I’ve made parts, but never the whole thing. I would LOVE to take a class like this but they’re rarer than hen’s teeth on the West Coast.

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