The Cupboard project; carved drawer front

carved drawer front finished

I worked on the only carving in the whole cupboard just about. This is the front of the 2nd drawer from the top – of the lower case. Here’s the original –

It’s 3 repeats of one pattern – here’s the pattern isolated:

I made a video of the work, it’s chopped with a gouge rather than cut with a V-tool. So something a bit different.

But one of the first things I said in the video is a lie – turns out I found afterwards measurements of the carved bits. Partial measurements anyway. I came close to what I measured in 1999 – close enough.

(pt 18 Essex County cupboard project 2021)

4 thoughts on “The Cupboard project; carved drawer front

  1. are those large curves (lunettes? hemispheres? arches? …) done as a series of gouge cuts, too? if so, how do you keep them from looking scalloped from the inline angle shift between the curve and the gouge angle?

  2. Question: Wouldn’t he have painted the raised portions before excavating the sunkwork? You’re in for a somewhat trickier paint job?

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