the cupboard project test assembly

Might be two weeks ago now, I test-assembled the cupboard. Daniel & I just finished a short (for me) video showing how I work those large 3 1/4″ square blocks and then test-fit the lower case.

The upper case didn’t get much video-time. There was an earlier video showing how I cut some of the joints for it, and a short bit tacked on today’s showing how I fit the cornice on…we’ll see it all again over & over in time.

upper case partially assembled

(pt 16 Essex County cupboard project 2021)

2 thoughts on “the cupboard project test assembly

  1. I like how you use the leather mallet as a commander. There’s a video of school kids putting together a 1/10 scale model of a NY Dutch barn that’s only slightly bigger in size than this cupboard frame.

  2. Peter,
    I am looking forward to seeing the dovetail plane in action. If you have time will you explain “negatives and positives”. I’ve never heard of them, what reference describes them?
    Also looking forward to how you assemble the finished cabinet-will you recruit some extra hands?
    Thank you for “after some clumsy first attempts”, “it’s been 30 years ____ and it shows”. As I get older and older I am getting great delight in learning new things and relearning the old.
    Thank you!!
    Pete Magoon

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