works in progress

some recent chairs

I haven’t taken many photos lately, which is why there’s been no posts. I have been working, though. As I wait for the oak I planed up to dry some before I begin framing the cupboard, I’ve been making chairs. And I have a few more to do – I am shopping for a new oak log to finish prepping the cupboard stock, but started another brettstuhl, a joined stool and some more ladderback chairs. Below are the next three- each waiting for the next step.

next 3

The joined stool parts are at the end of the bench. Joinery is all cut, but I’m letting them dry a little more before I do the turned decoration. Maybe a week.

Then the brettstuhl – that one’s next. Right now, the oak battens are drying in the kiln, and later today I’ll begin shaping them & fitting them to the seat board. So that one will be done in the next three or four days. (longer if I find an oak log Friday…)

The ladderback chair in the front of this pile – its rungs need to go in the kiln now. There, they’ll dry a few more days and I can then bore & assemble that chair.

Someone asked about how I store bits & pieces for many projects at once. In my small (12′ x 16′) shop, it’s tricky. The chair parts are easiest – they get split & shaved, then tucked up in the ceiling/floor joists above my head.

chair parts drying

The stuff for the joined cupboard I’m doing is difficult, in part because the parts are big, but mainly because there’s so many – maybe 60 pieces in the frame. Here’s part of them, stickered & sitting on the loft floor.

stacked & stickered

The absolute worst storage, if you can call it that, is this one – a heap standing in the corner.

storage or out of control wood pile?

I think I’ll tackle this heap first today. The bent chair posts can go into some racks between the rafters. Then I’ll sort out the cupboard parts here, and stack them somewhere. some of this is bound to become firewood – so that can go outside. And on & on.

9 thoughts on “works in progress

  1. Great stuff Peter. I really enjoy your blog! Just curious about what type of kiln you use…mine is made of rigid insulation duct taped together with light bulbs as the heat source. Also do you use your kiln as a way to eliminate any possible bugs/larva in the wood? Thanks!

  2. Great blog Peter. I too would like to hear more about your process of searching for a log. I think your readers would find a blog post on your quest useful.

  3. I always enjoy having a peek into other guys’ workshops :-) There’s often a smart set-up or a clever solution to some problem I never would’ve thought of on my own. And then there’s the recognizable or familiar things (“I do it like that, too !”) that makes me feel not so alone in having chosen such a quaint and solitary trade.

    I also have a very small workshop (2 rooms: one for small basic machines, the other for bench & everything else – both 4,8 x 5 meters / ca. 16 x 16 ‘ ) where I make all manner of furniture (except chairs ! – too expensive…), windows & doors.

    My plan is to get into chair-making as I get older. I want to make chairs and tables. So that families & friends can gather and share food, drink and each others company.

    Good blog, this. I learn something by every new post.
    Thanks from a Norwegian woodworker :-)

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