Next video for making a joined stool

joined stool in the works

While I wait for the legs of the brettstuhl to dry, Daniel & I worked on catching up at the beginning of the joined stool video series. This one will do it, planing the stock. It’s got a couple of blips in the video, I had some trouble with one of the cameras. And some fumbling around on my part – had I been watching Daniel I probably would have had him edit some stumbling out – but in the end, it’s probably good to show it. Yes, I fumble around some too, looking for tools, setting the cap iron too close to the cutting edge & more.

I’ll organize the joined stool playlist when I think of it – now it should be the whole project. When I get going full-tilt on the joined press cupboard there’ll be a lot of videos about that – I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t have a log yet, but some ideas in the works.

4 thoughts on “Next video for making a joined stool

  1. Really helpful video. I’m glad you left the “fumbling” in the video. People rarely show the process of setting up the plane. For me, that’s the toughest part. Once I get it set, flattening the board is pretty straight forward. I made my own jointer plane and always struggle to get it to the right setting. It usually ends up being a little heavier than I would like, but makes the flatting process quicker. When I try to get it light, it won’t take a shaving.

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