Carving video; the lunettes

I plodded my way through another video edit to go along with the Carving Drawings – this one the lunette above. I can’t match Daniel for speed, and this one had two good camera angles, but the sound levels dip when I switch to the canon camera view. But all the steps are there, some in detail. And it doesn’t cost you anything, so it’s worth it.

I have one more to shoot from that first group, and already have some of the next series underway. Jeff Lefkowitz and I are working on those drawings now. The first series of drawings is here, and this video below shows what they contain –

One thought on “Carving video; the lunettes

  1. I’m partway through the video now and think the sound is good enough. If you run into a worse problem in the future, you can probably just use the good audio track for the entire video and mix in the different video angles according to what makes sense.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Also, I purchased the first set of prints and am having trouble keeping them in good shape…do you have any thoughts about how to keep them nice?

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