Two carved boxes for sale

A couple of carved boxes available for sale. If you’re interested in one, email me or leave a comment.

(for some reason, when I previewed this post, to enlarge the photos I have to click them twice. It’s worth it.)

I’m making some chairs next; and still have two of those for sale.


The first one is made from butternut (Juglans cinerea) – a relative of walnut. This was a wide board that I cut apart to make quartersawn stock. I chose a strapwork pattern for the front and sides – I wanted to make the most of this fabulous wood for carving. Wooden hinges (the back board and the cleats under the lid are oak), a till inside. Pine bottom as usual.

H: 9 1/2″   W: 24 1/4″ D: 14 1/2″
$1,200 including shipping in US.


white & red oak, white pine bottom.
H: 8 1/2″ W: 23 3/8″  D: 13″
$1,000 includes shipping in US.

This pattern is often found on 17th-century work – a surprising amount of detail in small spaces. (the bottom photo shows the detail well…)
Glued & pegged at the corners, bottom nailed on w handmade nails. Handmade hinges as well. A lidded till inside.

7 thoughts on “Two carved boxes for sale

  1. Peter, forgive me if you have answered this question somewhere before. Do you have a preference between red oak and white oak for carving?

    • Martin – not to worry. No real preference; I look for straight, radially-cut (usually split) boards first & foremost. No knots, twist, wavy grain – dead straight. If all else is equal, white oak carves a little nicer, less porous than red oak. But I have carved miles & miles of red oak.

  2. Peter,
    Thank you again for your bird pictures!
    Have you published drawings of the carved oak box, posted 16 Sept.? I’m looking specifically at the hollowed out “cathedral doors”. Will you be including them in in future drawings for sale, or any other sources.
    I hope you do not reply that they are in “Joiners Work”.
    thanks again!
    Pete Magoon

  3. Peter,
    I looked at the blog and video, they will work.
    “Arcading” does sound better than “cathedral doors”.
    thanks again!
    Pete Magoon

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