Carving video – upright S-scrolls

I uploaded the next carving video to go along with the drawings. This video builds on the previous one, now the S-scrolls are standing upright rather than running in a row (or rows).

I first saw this as a box front, and have used it that way many times over the years. Here’s one from earlier this year, I think.

It could just as easily be a horizontal panel in frame-and-panel work. Or a wide framing member in the same sort of construction. The example I carved is 6″ high, with a margin of 1/2″ top & bottom.

Here’s the video –


And the drawings are available here

If you’re just getting to this set of drawings and videos – the previous posts for this batch are

and –



3 thoughts on “Carving video – upright S-scrolls

  1. I really enjoy watching the carving videos, they’re inspirational.

    One question, do you carve on green wood, or dried? I have a fair amount of dried walnut and cherry that would look great with carved patterns.

    • The wood I usually carve is in-between green & dried…but for me the most important factor is the quality of the stock. My first choice is oak that’s been radially split from straight-grained logs. Straight, clear – no figure, no knots, no swirling grain/fibers. Flatsawn wood is pretty much my last choice. But – carve what you have. You’ll learn more than I did – I’ve been spoiled with great wood.

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