Basket Making video: Pounding and Peeling Splints

This one is long. And the first 10 minutes have too much background noise; wind & traffic. When the wind is from the east here, I get more traffic noise from rte 3. And just above the area I’m working in outdoors is our road, so I was sort of wedged between the devil & the deep blue sea.

But I hope it’s worth it – this video shows how I pound apart the billets to make splints, then how to “dress” them, both by scraping them with a knife, and splitting them in half. Then how to trim them to width. All this work, combined with the previous video, is preparation of the material. Then comes weaving…

I think I wore Daniel out editing this one. So I have to give him some time off before the next one…

There will be a few baskets for sale soon. Save up…

6 thoughts on “Basket Making video: Pounding and Peeling Splints

  1. What a miraculous material ash is! Watching this process gives me a lot more respect for the baskets around the house.
    Regarding the need to slip a rounded block under the splints as you’re pounding them, why not simply round over one place on the edge of your chopping block?

  2. Hi Peter. some weeks ago, from your site I ordered the video on making a oak armchair and thought that I paid with my visa to the people who publish your stuff as you suggested. Not having heard anything more I sent an email to the address they listed but it came back as undeliverable. Have I ordered the video, have I paid, and is it on its way? I do enjoy reading your stuff and I love period oak. Brian. brian 25 Stanley St. Wagga Wagga. NSW. Australia. 2650.


    • I have only ever heard of ash de-laminating like this. White oak saplings are split apart to make basket splints. I haven’t done that in 30 years, not having access to white oak saplings. Should be able to find information about that on the web.

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