the first of the basket-making videos

Daniel & I got the first video in the basket-making series done yesterday. I’ve been working almost exclusively on basket-making for a month & 1/2 or more. I shot lots of videos about it, and we’re going to sift through them and hopefully show how to make two different forms; a rectangular basket with a fixed handle,

and a round-bottom basket with a hinged, or swing, handle.

This first video is just how to split out the “billets” and then shave them all in preparation of pounding the growth rings loose from the section.

Lots to cover, I’m still making them now and shooting more as I go.


5 thoughts on “the first of the basket-making videos

  1. Very enjoyable! I’ve read where black is preferred. Here in Wisc we are loosing our green ash trees to the asian beattle. Can the green ash be used for this and what flavor ash are you demonstrating?

    • Black (sometimes called brown) ash is the traditional basket-making wood. I don’t have it, so I use white ash. My understanding is that green ash is a white ash. One way to find out if your ash trees pound is to try them. I bet they’ll work.

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