Hewing & beveling a framed panel

Daniel & I finished a video today. It’s not a new series, it’s just a stand-alone about how I hew and bevel a panel for framed work, in this case, a wainscot chair. But the steps are the same no matter what the frame & panel is for..

I’ve shot a whole multi-hour video with Lie-Nielsen about making a wainscot chair before, so for those who want to make one of these chairs, I’d aim you to LN https://www.lie-nielsen.com/products/17th-century-wainscot-chair-with-peter-follansbee?path=home-education-videos&node=4243 

thanks as always for watching, I appreciate it.

8 thoughts on “Hewing & beveling a framed panel

  1. Thanks for posting such a generous and extensive slice of work—it’s a pleasure to watch and full of great details. Is that a cardinal singing in the background towards the end? Haven’t heard them in a while.

  2. The Wainscot chair video looks great…covers a lot of skills. Will pick that up.

  3. Thank you for producing and sharing this video, Peter. It’s so well considered and fun to watch.

    Could you explain why you carve a thick panel and then bevel the edges as opposed to, say, carving a 1/2″ panel? Strength in the finished chair?

    • Even when the panel is 1/2″ thick, its edges need to be beveled down to nothing. The groove is only 3/16″ wide, by 1/2″ deep. Some are even narrower, but my plow plane will only go down to 3/16″. Easier to make a panel that’s 5/8″ thick or even thicker.

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