Hewing & beveling a framed panel

Daniel & I finished a video today. It’s not a new series, it’s just a stand-alone about how I hew and bevel a panel for framed work, in this case, a wainscot chair. But the steps are the same no matter what the frame & panel is for..

I’ve shot a whole multi-hour video with Lie-Nielsen about making a wainscot chair before, so for those who want to make one of these chairs, I’d aim you to LN https://www.lie-nielsen.com/products/17th-century-wainscot-chair-with-peter-follansbee?path=home-education-videos&node=4243 

thanks as always for watching, I appreciate it.

8 thoughts on “Hewing & beveling a framed panel

  1. Thanks for posting such a generous and extensive slice of work—it’s a pleasure to watch and full of great details. Is that a cardinal singing in the background towards the end? Haven’t heard them in a while.

  2. Thank you for producing and sharing this video, Peter. It’s so well considered and fun to watch.

    Could you explain why you carve a thick panel and then bevel the edges as opposed to, say, carving a 1/2″ panel? Strength in the finished chair?

    • Even when the panel is 1/2″ thick, its edges need to be beveled down to nothing. The groove is only 3/16″ wide, by 1/2″ deep. Some are even narrower, but my plow plane will only go down to 3/16″. Easier to make a panel that’s 5/8″ thick or even thicker.

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