Make a Joined Stool videos – the End Frames

Then it was May. And the sun came out.

Daniel is on a two-video edits a week schedule. Today’s was a bit of a clunker, which was my fault. It’s a combination of too many things, all related to working the end frames of the joined stool.

This part of making the stool was one of Alexander’s favorite exercises; because it allowed her to pontificate about construction dimensions and resulting dimensions. I could usually follow along to a degree, so here I show how to calculate the length of the side stretchers.

(and today, for some stupid reason, the video wants to start part way into it. I clicked all the same buttons, etc. – skip back to the beginning.)

All of this stuff I’m doing in these videos is covered in detail in the book JA & I did some years ago –

Make a Joint Stool from a Tree

for anyone new to this blog and this work, the book is here

(when I went to get that link, I accidentally followed one to Amazon – $130. Weird. I think it’s a good book, but it’s not that good…)

3 thoughts on “Make a Joined Stool videos – the End Frames

  1. I just paid $134 for Ceramics In America 2019. I had to follow this without sound, the cat has been fiddling with my headphones and the wires to the ear pieces finally snapped. I assume if a Lndn shop was putting out 144 of these, they would have jigs for the confusing end angles. When I too the joint stool course in NC in 1991, the first set of instructions for transferring the joint sites around the posts was wrong, so suddenly you shouted “Stop!!!” and we did them over.

  2. Great book. Already got mine years ago. It was sitting next to a book on making chairs from trees in some museum near Cape Cod. It is a great book…lots of price gouging and erratic pricing on internet sites right now. I wanted a new blade set for my plow plane I picked up on EBay cheap last summer. They wanted 300 bucks. But a whole new Emmerich plow plane with six blades 150 bucks.

    Don’t get it

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