Joined stool videos begin

To elaborate on a post I wrote last week – the Joined Stool video series I’ve been shooting is now starting to get posted. It took me a bit to figure out some basic snipping here & there, but thankfully Daniel took over and sorted it for me. So he gets some credit. Curtis Buchanan gets the nod for the inspiration with all his chairmaking videos. When travelling to teach workshops came to a halt, I scrambled trying to figure out what’s next. I was almost going to do one of those subscription video instruction sites…but decided it’s not my bag. Too much pressure to produce in a timely fashion and to a standard that I am not up to, video-wise.

Then I thought of Curtis and how he developed his series of chairmaking videos. I love how those come across as if you’re in his shop and he’s explaining what he’s doing as he goes about making each chair.

For the joined stool, today I posted the intro and a 20-30 minute section on layout & mortising. There’s maybe 5 or 6 more to come for this project; some carving and scratch stock molding, turning on the pole lathe, tenons, test fitting & assembly, and more. From there, I plan on some carving patterns that haven’t made it to video before. Strapwork designs, panels, and more.

Watch them here, watch them over at youtube – many have subscribed there as I’ve been getting more active – but I doubt you need both. Anything worthwhile will get copied here eventually. There’s no charge – they’re free. That way there’s no pressure on me if they stink, and you won’t feel like you’re getting taken. There is a “donate” button here on the sidebar of this blog. So if you like the videos, and are in a position to help keep things running around here, I’d be very grateful. But I’m also perfectly happy having you watch without any obligation on your part. I have tried with this blog to always have content here for sharing – and these are no exception.

OK, enough explanation. Here’s the videos. Hope you like them.

9 thoughts on “Joined stool videos begin

  1. I don’t see why, with a few more shots, Daniel can’t edit the4se all onto a disk, then you make copes and sell them.

    • What you’re talking about I believe is a thing of the past. Selling discs is an option that is dying fast. Many laptops don’t come with a DVD player anymore and many more people are viewing videos on their iPad’s and tablets. Besides if he can reach 300,000 subscribers he will have an income decent enough from YouTube and that’s the aim I believe. It’s hard to get subscribers because YouTube promotes those that are popular. Not many people know Peter, but in time I believe they will. He will just have to persevere and pump out tons and tons of videos and blogs. It’s hard work, but worth it in the end.

  2. Thank you so much!! It makes a perfect Easter gift, the gift that keeps on giving. Hope you and your family are happy and healthy enjoying the holiday Thanks again ToddE

  3. This is an elegant stool that you present!
    I made one of these many years ago with JA, before your book was published.
    But we did have one serious discussion about the mortise and tenon fitting design.
    I was trained that if the back shoulder was away the front shoulder would come up tight.
    Alexander was not pleased with that concept. But I made the stool in that fashion.
    These many years later my stool is strong and tight.
    I truly miss that AJ is no longer with us, regretfully Carl Larsson.

  4. Thanks very much Peter! These are awesome! They’ll help me a lot as I finish cleaning out the garage and trying to set up to start building again.

    Hope you enjoyed the Easter holiday and all are staying safe and healthy.


  5. Well, the first vid popped up on the first line of the youtube recommendations for me a couple of days ago, must be doing something right.

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