videos of joined stool work

Back when the book Make a Joint Stool from a Tree came out, I was making how-to videos with Lie-Nielsen. Made a bunch of them over a few years. For a couple of reasons, we never did one on the joined stool. I have a stool underway now, and a recent post brought a question about how the story stick is used. So I tried to cover it in a video – my video capabilities are limited and challenged. I am not going to try to learn video editing…there’s only so many hours in a day. I’m the camera man and the woodworker in these – so there’s your warning. I won’t cover every aspect of making the stool, but will try to hit many of them.

Once I had that stile marked out, I put one on the lathe & set the camera up to try to catch that work. I AM NO GREAT TURNER! – but I can do enough for joiner’s work. So to really learn turning, find someone else. (I like Pete Galbert’s video on turning…) – but here’s my series on turning this stile on the pole lathe. I chopped it up into 3 videos – mostly so I could fumble around & get what I need as I was working. You’ll see, warts n’ all. For short videos, they’re pretty long. Tom Lie-Nielsen used to ask me if I could make a video shorter than Ben Hur.

Part one is mostly turning the cylinder from the square.

Now some of the details; cove, baluster, etc.

I re-jigged the camera for the foot, to try to get some detail. The sun came on very strong, and made things both better and worse.

Links –

the book Make a Joint Stool from a Tree

The video series from Lie-Nielsen;

Pete Galbert’s video on turning –

Curtis Buchanan’s video series – he’s got turning in there somewhere.

9 thoughts on “videos of joined stool work

  1. I vaguely recall when Alexander and you came to Winterthur about 1991 to examine the Jaques stool, I suppose the turning you came up with is a slightly abstracted version? Although the Jaques turnings are no great shakes. Alexander liked longer feet.

    • Yes, this is adapted from the Jaques one at Winterthur. I changed the cove, made up the foot. JA liked taller feet, and thinner stiles. I disliked both of those variations.

  2. Hi Pete, we met briefly when you came to Alaska for your spoon carving class and you gave me some pointers on how to make my spoons more “eatable” (I was making the bowls too deep). These three videos are fascinating. I recently took up some very limited and crude turnings for the thwart supports on a boat I’m making. Your treadle lathe fascinates me and I’m wondering if you could tell me a good source of plans for one? I’ve seen Roy Underhill’s article on a knock-down version, but I’m looking for something a little beefier.
    Thank you,
    John Breiby, Wasilla, AK

  3. Hi Peter, I was glad to see that L-N released the Shaving Horse video.
    If you like send me the raw video from stool making and I’ll cut it for you.
    I have missed working with you.

    Harry Kavouksorian

  4. Thanks for the story. Great turning videos, teaching is one of your transfer skills, no one is expecting perfect mistake free work, the instruction is way more important than the demonstration. Too many hotshots out there showing without explaining. Thanks again.

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