red tailed hawk photos mostly

Just wrapped up a photo shoot with Fine Woodworking magazine; 2 full days in front of a camera. So I have no photos of my own from the past week in the shop, other than this one:

But I do have some good shots of a local red-tailed hawk over at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary. I’m not sure, but I think there’s 2 of these nearly-tame hawks, this one’s an adult.

It’s the most un-skittish hawk I’ve ever seen out & about. It’s also pretty reliable, I’ve seen it on several occasions. Backlit below:

But caught it on the wing in the sunlight here:

Those were a week or so ago, then today was very windy, and it came out of nowhere & landed right in front of me about 5 feet off the ground. I clicked off a bunch of shots, the light was awful, but a couple are worth having.

Here the bird was working hard to balancing in the wind.

After about 5 minutes it swooped down, made a pass over something in the grass, and re-lit on a higher pole. I left it there, and went on my way. This headless shot shows the color of the tail well.

Last one, the pale underwing/armpit area.

9 thoughts on “red tailed hawk photos mostly

  1. Great shots Peter. Look forward to seeing you at the Woodwright’s School this spring. Can’t wait to have a shot at making a box of my own.

    I’d be glad to take you out for a shoot, if there’s time and the bald eagles 🦅 are around.

  2. I think there are two–great bird shots and the armpits are the axillaries–showing off I know. Great shots of the hawk and of the visitor. And congratulations on Fine Woodworking shoot–nice. Boxes great as well.

  3. Thank you Peter pic shots made me feel like i was their. Besides being non skittish the bird looks young, it might just be me but the face looks juvenile. I love watching the wilderness and always enjoy ur birding pictures.

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