Non-woodsy stuff

I saw this buck one day while walking at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield, MA. 

Some days later, saw him again and noted that he’s the first one to book out of sight when a human comes by. Women & children to fend for themselves I guess. 

The nearly tame red-tailed hawk is a photographer’s delight. 

Only the 2nd time I’ve seen an eagle there in 19 years. Crappy photo, (heavily zoomed & cropped) but it’s always a treat to me to see these birds. When I was growing up there were none in eastern Massachusetts. Maybe none in the state. 

On my drive home from Kentucky, I detoured up to Follansbee, West Virginia. I have long wanted just to see it, took about an hour out of the way back & forth. The highlight was the old bank – now a T-shirt shop I guess. 



I have no comment. 

Sifting through our wildlife camera – we’ve caught some fun stuff this fall. Two things I never knew were in our yard. One was a saw-whet owl.

Thanks to Marie for correctly ID’ing it, I thought “small owl – must be screech.” It’s been back a few nights. Maybe it’ll hang around here all winter. I once saw a saw-whet in the daytime & posted it here ages ago (2013). 

saw whet blog 2

The name is because its song supposedly sounds like someone whetting a say. You’d have to be a fast saw-filer to sound like that. I’ve never heard it in life. 

The other nighttime visitor was a fluttery something that swept through a video. I viewed it many times, then was able to freeze it & get a screenshot. A flying squirrel. What do you know. 

– Here’s one of two video clips that it showed up on.






8 thoughts on “Non-woodsy stuff

  1. Truly a buck sanctuary you’re hiking in Peter! Judging by the left antler, two “different” big whitetail bucks, fun to see!

  2. Brilliant stuff. Thanks Peter. I’m a retired wildlife biologist and 30 years of working with and seeing amazing wildlife hasn’t dampened my passion to see and understand more.

  3. Call me a buzzkill, but I think that squirrel’s a flying bug; probably a moth. After it flies the S curve, it seems to fade into nothingness while still in view. Makes me think it’s something quite small that just happened to be close to the camera’s nightvision light; and when it gets further away, the light doesn’t make it stick out as much, hence the fade.

    Just a thought!

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