the Havoc of Displacement

This is the first chest of drawers I made – in 2003. Made it as a wedding present for my wife.

The new one bumped it upstairs. Before we moved it, I took a picture, pretending that our house was clean/clear and spacious. And that you could move around in it. Which is a complete lie.

We have an old 4 1/2 room house. There’s 4 of us living in it, and we’re home all the time. And we have so much stuff it isn’t funny. So me building  a chest of drawers that’s something like 46″ wide and nearly 60″ high is just plain stupid. It’s one thing to build that large chest of drawers. It’s another to make room for it in the house. The house leans toward the river, but not as much as this photo makes it seem. The new one fit in the same spot just fine. Just as before, I took a few lying photographs before things all went to wrack & ruin.

Here it is, with more oak junk on top.

To give you some idea of the mayhem, when we move one thing in this house, it ripples all through the house. So this day we moved three large pieces to shuffle things around enough to fit. I shouldn’t show this to anybody, but I took photos of the Havoc of Displacement.

And Maureen catching her breath after the move from one chest to the next.


Here’s the old one, now installed on the upstairs landing. The moving-stuff-around necessitated some yarn storage switcheroo. Still working that out.

Somewhere in there, I made a carved picture frame for the print Heather gave me of the painting she did of me. Hanging that did the same thing on the walls that moving the furniture did on the floors.

Scout didn’t want to miss any of it, but he also wanted to be safely out of the way. He found just the spot on a railing upstairs.


7 thoughts on “the Havoc of Displacement

  1. That first chest of drawers, based on one we heard about at the Brick Museum in Kennebunk, was clincher for our article and was made for Rev., Joseph and Priscilla Capen, builders of the Capen House in Topsfield. Pete figured out it was their initials on the drawer.

  2. I just laid a wooden floor in my garage wood shop and I had similar 15-tile puzzle experience. Before I could put tile 1 (work bench) in its place, I had to rearrange 14 other tiles! Chest looks awesome BTW!

  3. Hey Peter,
    If that first chest is in the way you could always kick it down here to Sydney.
    Just sayin’.

  4. Peter I think after watching a few of your videos you’re not into working drawings. The first chest of drawers I would love to make and all I have is the pics you provided on this site to go off of on. Can you point me in the direction to where I can get the info I need to build this beauty.

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