I’m speechless (if you can imagine that)

Well, not exactly speechless. I’ve been waiting for this day a long time. Many of you have heard me say I have the greatest friends. The woodsy ones lots of you know. But there’s Heather too. She’s a category all her own. Every summer about now, Heather Neill previews her winter’s work before it hits the Granary Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard. https://heatherneill.com/studio-blog/

I have seen many of these paintings as I’ve visited during the past few months – but now you can see them too. And read her kind words about our shared friendship…

Then go back & see the previous two posts, and wait for them to unfold each day. Great great stuff…

15 thoughts on “I’m speechless (if you can imagine that)

  1. “So she’s there
    just over his shoulder
    his biggest champion
    who would be mighty proud
    to know that his children
    can spot a cedar waxwing
    from a country mile away.”

    It’s always comforting to have someone proud looking over your shoulder. Wonderful!

  2. WOW that’s . . . magic. What a wonderful painting and storytelling. Seriously, so awesome it’s almost spooky. Don’t know if your friend does reproductions but I betcha a lot of people would want a high quality print and I’m one of them.

  3. Awesome image! I love your spoon basket and it’s contents. Great mood and the Cedar Waxwing is super interesting.

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