Spring cleaning

I like May. It’s light out early, not too hot, lots of birds, and all the leaves & flowers coming out display a great variety of colors. Except this May – it was mostly a dud. We’ve finally had some sunshine and it feels great. The raking light of early morning provides some of my favorite views. Here’s this morning’s view upriver:

The light on this basket hanging in the shop is reflected off a beam just out of view to the left. The sun is to my right –

Here’s a view pulled back showing the sunlight hitting the timber –

Yesterday in the shop I went to the loft and pulled down some half-finished baskets. I have a small amount of hickory to shave for rims and handles, so I spent the afternoon doing just that. I found that if I shaved the rims carefully to an even thickness, I could bend them without bothering to steam them. Some did go through the steaming process, but things went just as well without it. These will be ready in a day or two for lashing the rims & handles on with thin narrow strips of hickory bark. Then I’ll go back to the loft to see what else is up there taking up space…

A bird that Marie & I missed last week arrived here this week, the cedar waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) 


Finishing up some ladderback chairs next.

6 thoughts on “Spring cleaning

  1. A red plastic tub on the workbench in the basket photo? What is this Peter…Game of Thrones? : )

    • I know there is such a thing as Game of Thrones; but it means nothing to me. I don’t know & don’t want to know about it. Re: the plastic tub; I wish I had time to make a coopered tub for soaking basket stuff; but I don’t. Thus, the hideous intrusion.

  2. Peter, I am amazed that you even have detailing on the outside of your shed ! Way to go, sir ! Love your work !

  3. Peter, I enjoy your photographs as much as your superb wood woofing skills. You amaze. See you in a few weeks!

  4. Beautiful cedar waxwings! Glad to see they made it to you. I missed it this year but most years in late winter in Northern Oklahoma we see flocks of them gorging on the blue berries of the juniper trees that cover our landscape. I’ve seen as many as 50 birds on a single tree. They stay around for a few days but that’s all we get until the next trip. Do they spend summers with you or keep moving?

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