the years just roll by like a broken-down dam

The book Joiner’s Work arrived here today. Get your copy here:

Once again, thanks to all the great help at Lost Art Press. If you’re reading my blog, that means you know who they are – they make this book-writing process easy. I’ve had the PDF, but to me it doesn’t count until I have a book in my hands. Or, in this case in the kids’ hands. I haven’t checked, but this book looks smaller than the first one.

Last time –

they seem to think it’s funny…

this time –

I’m about to make some oak furniture after the long-hiatus with white pine. Some carved boxes coming up next…first one will be like the one in the back row of this photo:

I dug out my long-neglected spoon knives and started practicing. Spoon Day is coming up with Plymouth CRAFT. Still some tickets; date is Sunday June 9th –

Great lineup – JoJo Wood, Dave Fisher, Tim Manney, Oliver Pratt, Reid Schwartz, Amy Umbel, Jay Ketner, Jessica Hirsch – a day full of spoon carving, trading ideas, techniques, designs & more…

Some JA chair stuff still reverberating after last week’s Plymouth CRAFT class in making one. I shot a short video showing a stress-test for one joint. Twist & twist the rung/post junction. The joint stays tight, the rung shreds. That’s strong enough for my lifetime & beyond, I’d bet.

Here’s the result:


Other stuff – This AM – not at the house, I was out for a walk, going to get birds, but ran into this leapin’ creature…

There’s a house wren outside the shop, setting up a nest on the house, interestingly enough. He’s bringing sticks that are too long for him to get in the hole. Fun to watch him struggle with building. Reminds me of when I built the shop – I remember being upside down part of the time…

And a brief attempt at a dramatic reading of a how-to book:


and –

9 thoughts on “the years just roll by like a broken-down dam

  1. Peter ~

    Thank You! Your book ‘Joiner’s Work’ is a wonderful addition to my woodworking library!


    Ronald Carl Dennis

  2. Peter,
    Whose son is posing in the pictures? I don’t see the family resemblance. No long gray beard! No pony tail! That is all okay though. I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Ah this book—busted open a big log and am setting up a riving break this afternoon. Peter, what mischief have you done me!?!

  4. Peter,

    Little birds, like wrens, do not need a stick below the hole to land on. They have the ability to swoop in onto the edge of the hole. Big birds land on the stick and rob the nest of its contents. Cut that stick off and help protect the wrens home. WES.

  5. I love it! Great work on the Book and the post Peter. Im sure your friend Jennie is proud. Its a little scary sometimes at how fast time goes by and how fast your kids are growing. Dang what do you feed em? Haha but really great work and keep it up. Reading your and jennies workbooks and doing the work has changed my life. Thank you!!!!!

  6. Hello Peter:
    I have started reading your latest book. The layout and the photography are outstanding. You put a great deal of information in that book: choosing a log, preparing lumber, and constructing several projects…fully carved. You really did a fine job…so did the publisher.

  7. Thank you for sending me to that lovely old song:

    The new book looks marvelous; can’t wait to get it in my hands.

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