Update on Peter Follansbee’s ‘Joiner’s Work’

Word from west of here…

Lost Art Press


The printing plant has finished its work on Peter Follansbee’s new book, “Joiner’s Work,” and it will be trucked to our Indiana warehouse on Monday. We’re not certain when it will start mailing out to people who placed pre-publication orders, but my best guess is it will be this week.

If you haven’t placed an order, this is the last opportunity to get a free pdf of the book with your order. Once the book starts shipping, the price of the book plus the pdf will be $61.25, up from $49.

Yesterday I received a sample from the printer and the book looks great. Oak is featured on 100 percent of its pages. You will not find an oakier tome.

— Christopher Schwarz


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4 thoughts on “Update on Peter Follansbee’s ‘Joiner’s Work’

  1. … already ordered my book. The PDF looks great! Beautiful work, sir. Can’t wait for it to arrive! Best regards, Gary

    On Sun, May 5, 2019 at 6:29 PM Peter Follansbee, joiner’s notes wrote:

    > pfollansbee posted: “Word from west of here…” >

  2. I got the shipping notice today. I’ve read most of it already on the iPad but I’m looking forward to having the real thing in my hands. Ordered some carving tools today.

  3. They sent me a shipping notice today. I have some red oak that I got from some fresh firewood. I split out a few nice pieces. I cut down a white oak that was shading the garden today – not very straight, but may get some short pieces from it.

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