some tools for sale, plus a box, basket, etc.

Recently I posted a photo or two about the un-thrilling task of cleaning up the shop. This past week I made it into the loft to begin a clean-out up there. There’s things there that were in my old shop at the museum; nearly five years ago. They were extra tools then, got stored after that, then when I built the shop, they came out of storage only to be….stored in the loft. Time to sell off some tools, nothing fabulous, but some planes and a few other bits. If you want any of these items; leave a comment on this post, citing which item you are interested in. Timed comments help sort out any tussles. I’ll send a paypal invoice afterwards. Prices include shipping in the US.

There’s also a couple of recently-made items; or recently finished. A box, a basket, and a knife handle & sheath. Here’s the details.

H: 6 1/2″  W: 16 3/4″   D: 11″

This is the year of the box. I’m teaching it several times, twice at Lost Art Press . Meanwhile, here’s a recent one I just finished. The white pine lid is streaked with darker brown bits, but over time the whole thing will take on a patina that blends these differences together. Till inside, wooden hinges.



Height to rim: 11″   Diameter: 12 1/2″

Made the basket last year, finished the rims and handle with some hickory and white oak last week. Hickory bark lashing. If there’s no takers, I’ll fill it with oak pegs and hang it from the rafters. Like the others.






I half-made this, it’s a Morakniv 106 blade. to which I fitted a butternut handle, carved. Birch sheath. Had a custom order for one, made two while I was at it.



Make a Joint Stool from a Tree – by Jennie Alexander & PF; BOTH SOLD – 

Found two shrink-wrapped copies of this one.



First, some horn planes. These came out of a box that is mentally marked “extra planes.” There’s still 7 or 8 planes in that box, so these were extra-extras.

Horn Plane #1;  SOLD German, ECE. I converted it to a scrub/fore plane. Convex iron…I used it for a long time. It’s still in fine shape. Will need some cleaning, and sharpening.
L: 8 1/2″   W (of iron): 1 7/8″



Horn plane #2; German smooth plane  SOLD

L:  9 3/4″  W (of iron): 1 3/4″

This one’s missing its medallion, I don’t know the maker. It’s heavier than the ECE one above, a little longer. Its iron need grinding as well as honing. I guess I never re-habbed this one. It’s a nice plane.


Horn plane #3; German smooth plane;  SOLD
L: 8 1/2″  W (of iron): 2″

This one is a little more worn than the others. Wedge is chipped at its top end; and the mouth is really wide. It could stand a patch let in to close the mouth. Or re-grind it to be a generous scrub plane. I had students use it as is, it makes shavings. Just dangerous if you get your finger in there.



horn plane #4; Scrub plane.  SOLD
L:  9 3/4″ W (of iron):  1 1/4″

A nice little scrub plane. Clearly a replaced iron from somewhere. Someone told me this plane is French, but I can’t swear to that. It’s not beech. Nice patina, some wear here & there, the horn has a glued-together crack.



Horn plane #5;  Scrub plane  SOLD
L: 9 1/2″ W (of iron): 1 1/8″

Another unknown. Not sure I ever worked with this one, either. It’s got a nice hollow-grind on it, but not sharpened. Iron needs some clean-up. Great Elephant insignia on the iron. Chip on the tip of the horn.




Horn plane #6;   Scrub plane –  SOLD
L: 8 1/2″  W: (of iron): 1 1/4″

It’s a theme. I guess I bought these whenever I saw them. Some came from Alexander too. This one needs cleaning & tune-up, but is in fine shape really. Its iron will clean up with some elbow-grease.


Plow plane –  SOLD
L: 10″  iron in the plane is 1/4″

I got this plane from Ed Lebetkin. It’s a simple one, in fine shape. I used it some with students, but it’s been stored so long it’s time to move it on.


Length: 8″    width 2 1/2″    weighs  1lb 14oz

I used to use this one for roughing out Windsor chair seats. Later I got a Hans Karlsson adze for bowl-carving – this one got shelved. A little too big for bowls probably. Except for really large bowls. Austrian, I bought it in the mid-1980s; sawed a poll off the back end. I forget if it had an exterior bevel when I got it, but it does now. Needs sharpening and a handle. 



Saw set –  SOLD

I had this one for many years, rarely used. I bought a vintage one several years ago, and I sure don’t need two. So it sat for a long time.


This one has a story. It was Jennie Alexander’s…she & I argued about it for years. She never used it, but loved it in theory. I have other favorites. When we cleaned up JA’s shop, I took it because of the story. I still have the story, but don’t need the tool.




Wooden spokeshaves = 2 available  SOLD
$25 each. 

Spokeshave #1  top one 9 1/2″ long, iron just over 1 1/2″

Spokeshave #2  bottom one 9 1/2″  iron 1 3/8″; body more slender than above.

These I’ve had since 1975. I used them some early on, but over time they got shelved. They are a project, there’s some wear on the sole in front of the blade, they need a strip added there. Some use brass, some inset a hard-wearing wood. I kept one large one to do just that with…



1 7/8″ TAP & DIE
price? I don’t know…. first offer is $60. Next one’s at $100. 

Another JA tool, with another story. This one I’ve had for several years, after JA insisted that I had arranged for someone to borrow it from her. I never remember being involved in any way with the loan of a large threader, but JA would not hear of it. Was sure that I somehow arranged it. Eventually, someone returned to me this large home-made tap & die. JA claimed, nope – that’s not the one. So for the past 8 years or more, I’ve had this in a box. I have no idea of its value. So make me an offer. I’m not aiming to get rich off this tool. Off any of these come to think of it. If more than one of you wants this tap & die, we’ll go with the best offer by Wednesday Noon, Eastern gets it. I keep the story, as always, the important part for me.





Nine turning tools  SOLD
various sizes & shapes. The bottom four are Robert Sorby. c. 1980s; some scrapers, a bowl gouge that needs re-grinding; and a large straight double-bevel chisel. There’s 3 Buck Bros tools, a large skew, and two narrow straight tools, single bevels. Then 2 antiques; a small gouge, and a large skew? Lengths range from 14 1/2″ to 21″. These tools were neglected, but can be revived. I have too many turning tools, and I only use about 5 of them. I’d prefer to sell these as a pile rather than one-by-one. It’ll be a heavy box. How’s $125 shipped in US?




Rabbet plane
L: 14 3/4″  W (of iron): 1″+
An extra-long rabbet plane. Someone once said had to do with shipwright’s work, but again, I don’t know that. I only know joiner’s work. Can’t imagine it’s worn away so much to open the mouth that much. Could use a patch or new sole added. Nice iron/chipbreaker arrangement.




25 thoughts on “some tools for sale, plus a box, basket, etc.

  1. Hi Peter,

    I’ll take that plow plane off your hands if it’s still available.


    Sent from my iPhone

  2. I would like a copy of the joint stool book, if available.



    On Mon, Mar 4, 2019, 17:35 Peter Follansbee, joiner’s notes pfollansbee posted: “Recently I posted a photo or two about the > un-thrilling task of cleaning up the shop. This past week I made it into > the loft to begin a clean-out up there. There’s things there that were in > my old shop at the museum; nearly five years ago. They were extra” >

  3. Hi, if there’s a copy remaining I will take a joint stool from a tree book with the spoke shaves if I’m lucky… thanks

  4. Hello Peter If I have a question about the oak/pine box; is the back wall the same shape as a till lid, the pine top just pivots on the back pindle pieces? So simple I love it

  5. Hi Peter,

    The plane Horn # 2 is probably a Joh. Weiss & Sohn (an Austrian company), because of the shape of the handle and the wedge. It looks very much like mine.

  6. Hi Peter,

    If you have a copy of Make a Joint Stool from a Tree, I would love to have it.


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