Hungarian chair-maker film

Back in 2016 I went to Spoonfest and among many others, I met Bosky Squelch and some of his ferrets. Today on FB was a post from him, pointing to this video on youtube. Given my chair-mania these days, it was well worth the time. You might like it as well, if you’ve not seen it already.


11 thoughts on “Hungarian chair-maker film

  1. You know as we all try to make our best product, and to tweak it and change a little here and there . We are always searching for a new axe, knife , or any other new tool that may be developed So and so is making hook knives now or a new axe maker or a new style shave horse we all want one we all including myself are tool addicts ! When you watch someone like the chair maker it makes you wake up and say hey i don’t need 38 knives and 38 carving axes ! I watched a show the other day and the interviewer ask the gentleman are you a artist or a craftsman ? “He said what is the difference ? I do what i love, i do what makes me happy i keep it as simple as possible. The more i make and the more i do i pray i get better at every step. It is up to the people that buy my products to say if i am an artist or a craftsman or just somebody who made it” For me simple is the key to the entire world and sure is the main ingredient for a happy life ! Wonderful video seeing other people and cultures sure will wake you up and say hey wait a minute i need to get off my high horse and just live to make and to be happy !

  2. Peter: What a wonderful video of chairmaking. I counted 5 tools, did not see a bit brace. And, no hand planes. We Americans are spoiled with “Woodcraft & Lee Valley” tools, etc. Yet better than the chairmaking (done in a foreign language) is the background filming. HOW THEY LIVE !! I didn’t see any sectional couches, flat screen TV’s, dishwashers, or glassed in wall-to-wall tiled showers ! And I get sucked into watching on DIYTV the “win the lottery home buying” !!! Even obtaining the logs for lumber, where was the Kabota tractor ? What a gem of a video, woodworking and everything else. I liked it with Bosky Squelch going to market with 7-to-9 chairs tied onto the bicycle. The detail filming of chair seat weaving is priceless. How do I obtain a video copy ? I need it to show to the members of “The Guild of Maine Woodworkers”.
    Keep it coming, thanks. Wes Sunderland, Baldwin, Maine.

    • Wes – it’s not Bosky himself – he’s in the UK. He just found this video & posted it on a site I saw…
      No idea how you can get a copy…glad you liked it though.

  3. That was really great. One hell of a commander. Remind yourself to tell me about your meeting him when next we meet.

    Also, I’ve got lots of that walnut, 1” plus thick boards decades old now. If you can use any of it I can cut it to fit into your car on the return trip.

    Pat got me one of Dawson’s spoon mules for my birthday. It arrived this week. Looks easy to assemble. I’m not allowed to do anything but paint until the big one is done. Pasture with 27 sheep and some geese. But hopefully the spoon mule will be up and running for your visit and I can try it out.

    Herself is visiting with Zoe et al this week. Took a ridiculous toboggan run yesterday and survived. So, there’s that.

    OK I’m off to pick up tiny brushes. Give those kids a pat on the head for me and tell your wife I am loving her posts with all the yarn. Eager to share flower growing tips.

    Yours in cloudy brushes, H

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