recent work

I’ve been in the shop most every day lately; though some have been more productive than others. Pret the other day said “Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s a day off, or an off-day.” Sounds about right.  I have another square table nearing completion. This one had a slew of turned bits.

two sections of the square table frame

They’re heavy items; posts and stretchers are I think 2 3/4″ square. Top rails are 5″ high…

detail square table

The top is glued-up now; soon I’ll finish planing it and then I can assemble the table. There’s two joined stools that go with it. These are unusual in that the legs are all plumb – no “rake” to the side view. The table and stools are all headed for the Old House in Cutchogue, N.Y.

Another project is wrapping up, it’s been around for far too long. These are the head-posts for a bedstead I’m making. They are sawn ash, replacing some oak that wasn’t quite up to speed.

Here’s the footboard. These are actually timed pretty well right now, they’re destined for Arizona. So assembly during the driest part of the year here will work out well. That’s my excuse for going so slowly on this one.

A while back the kids & I helped Maureen set up at a craft sale in Rhode Island. It was great to see all her recent work displayed in one spot. The leftover work is on her etsy site – 

and her Instagram site is



I posted this little box I finished up for Maureen’s birthday on Instagram and it was a hit. Just something different I guess. It’s a real hybrid; Alaska yellow cedar used to make an ancient Scandinavian-style box with drawer. 5″ high, 6″ x 11″

Mine’s not a copy of anything in particular, just based the idea on some old boxes from around Scandinavia. I dovetailed the corners; and put a sliding lock down through the box front into the drawer front. This is because I have a similar box for my spoon carving tools I use with students; and its drawer is not secured. Carry it wrong, and it dumps the drawer out.

The pathetic part is that this box sat 80% done for well over a year, before I dug it out the other day, gave it 3 hours’ worth of work & was done.

Here’s the website I once used to search for things like this; this link is a search result I filtered a bit: 



7 thoughts on “recent work

  1. Oh! I love everything you do, but that little box is wonderful! And I’m happy to know the small square tables are coming to Long Island where I can see them. I’ve been lurking for some time, but I did want to thank you for all the work you put into your blog. Aside from desperately saving for some of your carving, I find your nature photos particularly serene. Thank you for letting me go walkabout in your world. Wishing you all the best for the Holidays and the coming New Year.

  2. The two stools will be a nice contrast to the two Boston leather ones, Dying to see what five acres of squiggle paint looks like.

  3. Anyone who is interested in this stuff should get to the Old House if they’re ever out on the east end, North Fork of Long Island. It was moved to its current location in the 1640’s and has been there ever since. Tours can be arranged. They told me that when it was re-done a few years back they had someone rive all the new oak shingles for the siding. Thanks for all your inspirational work, Peter, and I too really love that box. Guess I’ll have to make one for my son…

  4. Hi Peter,

    That carved footboard is amazing! That will be one extraordinary bed frame. That customer is very lucky!

    How do you plan to finish the frame? Will you attempt to mitigate the subtle difference between the ash and oak color?


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