Spoons, videos, chairs – for sale

In between my furniture work, I got a chance to finish some spoons (a few begun in Australia, so weird woods to US eyes). I also cleaned my desk and found some videos I did with Lie-Nielsen. If you like any of either, leave a comment below, then I’ll send a paypal invoice later. Price includes US shipping. Additional charge for shipping beyond.

December spoon 01 – SOLD

One of the Australian spoons. Casuarina, sometimes called “she-oak”. This one was all sapwood, or nearly so. I had some students struggle with heartwood of the same tree, but I found this one quite agreeable. Great figure in it, for those that like that stuff.

L: 9 5/8″  W: 2 3/8″



December spoon 02 – Rhododendron. Maybe the last of that batch I cut here last spring/summer. A nice little crook with a big bowl.

L: 6 3/8″  W: 2 1/2″


December spoon 03; SOLD
Black Walnut. I was cutting & splitting firewood last week (next year’s firewood, this year’s is all stacked) and found this radially-split section of walnut. Too straight & clear to burn, too small to be part of furniture. So a serving spoon.

L: 11 3/4″   W: 3″


December spoon 04; SOLD
a very long serving spoon/stirring spoon. Decidedly crook’d shape. Apple.

L: 15 7/8″ W: 2 3/4″



December spoon 05; SOLD

another big one. Another Australian timber. Called “native cherry” – Exocarpos cupressiformis related to sandalwood. It was a real nice wood to carve; like our fruit woods, a little softer than some. Smooth.

L: 15 1/8″  W:  2 3/4″

The handle was large enough for me to carve an S-scroll like I use on boxes and chests.


December spoon 06; I think this one’s birch. A steeply-curved and swept shape.

L: 9 1/4″   W: 2″


I’m still taking orders for the ladderback chairs I wrote about a while back. To be delivered early in 2019. I have 3 mostly done; and more underway.

The chair is about 34” high, 18” wide (across the front) and 14” deep. Seat height is 18”.
$1,200. A deposit of $200 will reserved one for you. To be delivered/picked up starting late January 2019. Email me at peterfollansbee7@gmail.com if you’d like to get on the list for one of these. The deposit through paypal will be $206.

Details here; https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/pf-ladderback-chairs/



Carved Oak Boxes –SOLD 

in this disc, I show how to make 2 versions of the carved box; the usual flat-lidded box; and a slant-lidded desk box. Includes a section on carving too. 270 minutes on 2 discs.



Joined Chest – SOLD 

making an oak frame-and-panel chest, from the log.

213 minutes


Hewing Wooden Bowls –SOLD

a few different versions of hewn bowls, with adze, hatchet, gouges & more

175 minutes


17th Century Wainscot Chair – TWO COPIES AVAILABLE

Making a frame-and-panel chair, with turned front stiles. From riven timber.

218 minutes


17th Century New England Carving – SOLD 


My first video, showing the beginning stages of this carving style. About 5 different exercises, the last one being a box front.

88 minutes


17th Century New England Carving: Carving the S-Scroll SOLD 

5 or 6 different versions of the S-scroll, a design used on so many period pieces. I continue to carve these designs endlessly after all these years.

100 minutes

13 thoughts on “Spoons, videos, chairs – for sale

  1. Hallo Peter,

    If the DVD 17th Century New England Carving is still available, I would like to buy it.

    Groet, Chris

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