Upcoming Plymouth CRAFT classes

I’ve been back from Australia for two weeks now. Just getting some pattern to my work days in the shop. Jumped from spring-time to late fall here. The beginning of each shop day starts with shavings and kindling to light the stove. I’m concentrating on furniture work mostly, some spoon carving mixed in there too. In addition to some custom work I have underway, I took Sunday to put slats in my latest version of the JA ladderback chair, and began prepping the next one, chopping slat mortises in a set of ash posts. https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/pf-ladderback-chairs/

I’ve slowly been forming my teaching schedule for 2019; trying to balance more time at home and income. It’s not working so far! In the meantime, there’s two classes coming up at Plymouth CRAFT to tell you about. First is Tim Manney’s now-regular December sharpening class. This might be the best class Plymouth CRAFT runs for woodworking instruction. 



We started this one as an experiment, and it has proven to be very popular. Two days of tackling edge tools (no saws!) with a real master of a keen edge. Tim makes this subject absolutely attainable for beginners and has ideas and techniques for seasoned woodworkers as well. Too often I see people try to learn sharpening in an hour or two, including me. Those who’ve attended this class throw the phrase “changed my life…” around. December 15 & 16, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. Paula’s making lunch. (ask someone who’s been there what that means) https://www.plymouthcraft.org/an-axe-to-grind

Then in January, we’ll be back there for my spoon-carving class.

Plymouth CRAFT spoon carving, Overbrook, Buzzards Bay

We say it’s mine, but Pret Woodburn is there too, and he’s a great help. The usual approach; two days of knife grips, spoon design, hatchet work. A big pile of fresh native woods and chopping blocks scattered about. A big fire in the stove. Bring a slojd knife and hatchet; I’ll have hook knives for students to use. Having just taught spoon carving down under, I was itching for my spoon collection of examples to study from…back home now, I’ll be sure to bring my growing collection of other makers’ spoons. Pret & Paula bring theirs too. So lots to study.

photo by Marie Pelletier  

We’ve added a third optional day (thanks, Jarrod & Fred for the idea) – we’re calling it “Advanced” spoon carving. What that implies is that you’ve learned the basics of the knife grips and hatchet work, and in this one-day session we’ll concentrate more on spoon shape and design. If all goes according to plan, we’ll have a pile of crooks for this class, so we’ll play “find the spoon in the wood.”  Paula’s making lunch. (ask someone who’s been there what that means) https://www.plymouthcraft.org/spoon-carving



You might have seen that we’ve initiated the Plymouth CRAFT Scholarship for those wishing to attend one of our classes, but are lacking the means. This is new, having grown out of discussions at our Greenwood Fest last spring. It has been soundly supported by many, (both instructors and students/attendees/whatever our people are called) for which we are grateful. Details here for Tim’s class – I assume we’ll do one for the spoon class(es) too. https://www.plymouthcraft.org/craft-green-woodworking-sch


Time for some Australian birds:

The superb fairy wren:

The Australian King parrot:

The eastern whipbird. 

Listen to the whipbird, thanks to Wardie44 [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eastern_Whipbird.ogg?embedplayer=yes


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