PF versions of JA ladderback chair

I’ve been re-adjusting to life in the Northern Hemisphere after my trip to Australia. When I was in the airports and planes (almost 30 hours of “dead time” each way) – I had some good reading, including a draft of Jennie Alexander’s Make a Chair from a Tree, version 3. This book will be published next year by Lost Art Press.

When I got back up & running in the shop here at home, I assembled one of my JA chairs as my warm-up. After having read so much MACFAT it seemed the thing to do. Now I plan to get back into a rhythm and work on one of these each weekend; either seating, shaving & bending posts or assembly. Next weekend, it’s slats in this new frame. 


The first ones I made this year sold, and now I’ve got 5 more underway.


I’m going to begin taking orders for them now, and will begin shipping/delivering starting in late January. If you’d like to order one, I’m offering them for $1,200 each. I’ll take orders up to 10 chairs, beyond that I’ll start a waiting list. I’ll collect a deposit of $200 for each of the first 10 chairs. They are made of either oak (usually red, some white oak rungs or slats) and ash. It all depends on what’s on hand. Right now, it’s red oak and ash. Seating materials will vary between hickory bark (as long as I can get it), and natural rush seats. Optional seating is woven tape seats like Shaker tape. There’s a hemp version of a tape seat that JA really liked, I have yet to use it.

The chair is about 34” high, 18” wide (across the front) and 14” deep. Seat height is 18”.

Email me at if you’d like to get on the list. The deposit through paypal will be $206.


4 thoughts on “PF versions of JA ladderback chair

    • Brian – Larry Barrett, who is JA’s colleague working on the 3rd edition for Lost Art Press, saw your comment and kindly filled us all in.

      Saw on your blog that someone is asking for a source for hemp tape for chair seats.

      Here is a link to what I have been using, and that JA liked, though never used as far as I know.

      This place (Rawganique) is in British Columbia. They have two varieties of the 1″ tape, canvas and herringbone. Canvas is stronger and what they recommend, and what I have used. It is about .1″ thick. They sometimes have (or have had) a heavy-duty version that they call Suprema. I like it better, it is 1/8″ think or maybe a little more. Not always available. Cost for either is around $100 for a 50 meter roll, which is enough for 2 chairs, plus.


  1. I noticed that in key passages, your chair you made for Mark Anderson was noticeably beefier than the JA one I got for Winterthur. Certainly JA’s tended to failure in the slats. The one I made with JA has a skimpy top slat because neither JA nor NK was watching me.

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