the last batch of books and a couple wooden screws for sale

Last offerings from the book collection of John/Jennie Alexander – and one set from my own collection. Also two large wooden screws for making a leg vise. Leave a comment if you’d like to buy any, first come, first served.

American Furniture, 1996 – SOLD


This is the first time John Alexander & I wrote for this journal, our article about the joiners from 17th-century Braintree, Massachusetts.


American Furniture, 2007 – two copies – ONE SOLD, ONE AVAILABLE


This one features JA again, with Bob Trent on the board-seated turned chairs from Plymouth, Boston and elsewhere, plus many of the English and Dutch antecedents.

a garish photo of mine, but Gavin Ashworth’s photos in the journal are great…this is 2 of the Plymouth chairs.


Fifty Years a Planemaker and User, Cecil Pierce  – SOLD




Two Hundred Years of Chairs and Chairmaking, exhibition of Chairs from the Chester Country Historical Society

$25 – SOLD


Large wooden screw – SOLD

overall length 22″ screw diameter about 1 3/4″

$60 including shipping in US.




Large Wooden Screw. w handle  –  SOLD

Length overall 24″, diameter of screw 2 1/4″

$60 including shipping in US.



Records of the Carpenters Company, vols 1-4; 

$450 including shipping in US.


This next set of books is mine, not Alexander’s. I made two trips to London in 2004 & 2005 to research in the Guildhall Library there. The subject I was looking into was joiners in London who might have emigrated to New England in the early 17th century. One of the resources I used was the records of the Carpenters Company of London. (I studied the joiners too – it’s a long story.) I found out the Carpenters’ Company Records were published in the early 20th century, and began searching for, and collecting, those books. They’re pretty rare volumes; each of these four is from a printing of 250 copies. I don’t do much historical research like that any more, and was never able to complete the whole set…so if someone is interested, I’m offering the set for $450 including insured shipping in the US.

The records include apprenticeship bindings, expenditures from the Company for various things; feasts, dinners, repairs to the Hall; fines to members for various violations – wearing a leather apron in the Hall, keeping an apprentice longer than his term, etc. Most are in English, a few series are in a quasi-Latin/English blend. They’re published by Oxford University Press. They’re all in good shape, given their age. Some browning/foxing, nothing torn or broken.

The books measure about 8 1/2″ x 12″, the stack of 4 volumes is about 6″ high.

the volumes cover:

vol 1 – apprentice register 1654-1694
vol. 2 – warden’s accounts 1438-1516
vol. 3 – court book 1533-1573
vol. 4 – warden’s accounts 1546-1571

Here’s some photos












11 thoughts on “the last batch of books and a couple wooden screws for sale

  1. Peter,

    I will take 50 years if available.


    David S. Handsman, Esq.

    Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP

    900 Third Avenue New York, New York 10022 Tel: 212-508-6786


  2. Hey Peter,

    I’ll buy the plane making book if it’s still available. I wasn’t sure if just replying to the blog email would work so I added your personal one too.


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