Spoons and furniture for sale, July 2018

My work has been mostly tied up with furniture projects and Greenwood Fest. In there somewhere, I have carved a bunch of spoons, so those and a few other bits are listed here for sale. Prices include shipping in the US, elsewhere is an additional charge. Paypal is easiest, but if you want to send a check, that’s fine too. If you see something you want, leave a comment and I’ll get it sorted out. thanks as always for the support…



spoon 18-21; basswood. The cutest little crook, this branch was part of a larger one that almost fell on my car this winter. I couldn’t resist carving it.

W: 1 3/4″  L:  4 3/4″


Spoon 18-24, SOLD

Another rhododendron crook.

W: 2 3/8″ L: 10 1/4″





Spoon 18-26, SOLD

rhododendron. As noted above, came from the same crook as #18-22. A highlight of my season carving this rhododendron.

W: 2 5/8″  L: 10 3/4″



Spoon 28-29, cherry. SOLD

This is another that sat a while. Cherry oxidizes quickly, and this spoon darkened before I carved the pattern in the handle. When I did cut it, the wood underneath was pale and bright. Over time it will catch up, but for now a very distinctive dark/light contrast.

W: 2 1/4″   L:  14″



Spoon 18-30, SOLD

rhododendron. The biggest, coolest crook from the batch of rhododendron. It has a knot right smack in the bottom of the bowl. I was determined not to lose this crook, so I applied glue over the knot when it was green, then let it dry and cut it away. Should be fine now…if it’s going to crack, it would have done it by now. But the shape is everything I hoped for when carving it.

W: 2 3/4″  L: 13 7/8″






knife 18-02 – SOLD

handle is 7/8″ x 1 1/4″, overall length:  7 1/2″




These items are listed for sale here, and shipping is in addition to these prices.

CHEST – My joined chests start at $4,000 – this one I’m asking $3,600. It’s a copy of some English chests I saw several years back. The originals were made in Devon. I made it a year or two ago. I forget when exactly. I had some great wide oak panels perfectly suited to this design. I made the chest thinking I’d keep it, but it seems the house is full to the brim. So it’s been in the shop behind another chest for ages. Every so often, I move stuff around and get surprised by it. So, time to find it a home.  Room for initials on the center muntin. There’s a wide pine board up in the loft waiting to be the lid.

riven red oak with rear panels and floor boards in pine.


dimensions are H:  30″  W: 42″  D: 20″.


Desk box. $2,000 plus shipping (from Cincinnati, where it is presently stashed.) – I made two of these. One sold recently, the other is available. The project was featured several times; as a video with Lie-Nielsen, a show with Roy Underhill and most recently as an article in Popular Woodworking magazine. It’s also in my upcoming book with Lost Art Press. There’s 2 tills inside, 4 drawers up in the top section and a space behind the tills for more storage.



H: 11″  W: 23″  D: 14″


Box with drawer – Oak, pine, sycamore, Atlantic white cedar moldings. Walnut and rosewood accents. I built this when I was writing the next book on joinery and carving. It’s based on one from Ipswich, Massachusetts but the carvings on the box front and sides is related work, but not a copy of the existing one. The lid is quartersawn American sycamore.

H: 14 1/2″  W: 26 1/4″ D:  18″






Walnut. Every so often I run across a walnut log worth riving. When I do, it’s usually narrow stuff. Not so good for carved boxes, but ideal for a joined stool. The seat is some quartersawn walnut I had around.

H: 22:   W: 15″  D: 14″  seat is 10 1/2″ x 17″
$900 includes US shipping


Tried shooting it out by the milkweed patch

One of the turnings

The aracading carving. Here’s how I carved it https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2018/02/19/carved-arcading/ 



H: 6 1/2″   W: 19 1/2″  D: 12 3/4″
$900 includes shipping in US.

White oak box, red oak lid. Pine bottom. Wooden pintle hinge. Paint is lampblack pigment mixed in linseed oil, combined with vermillion artists’ color.


I had some great quartersawn red oak so used it for the lid.

The till inside, and the figure on the oak lid.

Till lid with a molding run along its upper face.

The “strapwork” design continues to keep me carving over & over. Never the same twice, just about.


Spoon 18-22; SOLD
rhododendron. My actual all-time favorite wood to carve. This one was split off the top of #18-26.

W: 1 3/4″  L: 8 3/8″




Spoon 18-23; SOLD

rhododendron serving spoon. The carving on this handle has been evolving for a couple of months now, and took a new direction on this batch of spoons.

W: 2 1/2″ L: 9 1/4″



Spoon 18-25, SOLD

cherry. This one sat in my spoon-carving basket for a while. It was meant to have a hook under the handle, but developed a crack there. It took me a long time to figure out how to salvage it; quite simple really – I carved it off, but left a little bump under there…

W: 23/4″   L: 12 1/8″



Spoon 18-27, SOLD

cherry. Big  sweepy crook of black cherry.

W: 2 1/2″ L: 14 1/4″



Spoon 18-28, SOLD

cherry. One more large cherry crook.

W: 2 5/8″  L: 16″



knife 18-01; SOLD

at Greenwood Fest we had some Morakniv blades for sale. I bought a few to make knife handles. I made these two first, with the #106 blades, for an article I wrote for Popular Woodworking Magazine. The wood is butternut, I had some small bits that weren’t enough to do anything else with, so the knife handles seemed a good use of it. Birch bark sheaths.

handle is 1″ x 1 3/8″  overall length: 7 1/2″



10 thoughts on “Spoons and furniture for sale, July 2018

  1. Hi Peter – If still available I’d love a Rhodi spoon please – this one:

    Spoon 18-23; rhododendron serving spoon. The carving on this handle has been evolving for a couple of months now, and took a new direction on this batch of spoons.

    W: 2 1/2″ L: 9 1/4″

    Helen Sherrah-Davies


  2. Hi,

    I’d like to buy Spoon 18-24, Another rhododendron crook.

    W: 2 3/8″ L: 10 1/4″

    Please let me know if it is still available.

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