Wille Sundqvist

As we’re preparing to start setting up Greenwood Fest tomorrow, news came today that Wille Sundqvist passed away, aged 92 years old. We heard from Jögge earlier this week that the end was near, thus he stayed home in Sweden to be with his father.

We’ll all miss having Jögge with us at the Fest, and our thoughts are with him and his family. I’m so glad it worked out the way it did, he could have easily been on a plane headed our way when Wille’s time came.

There’s no exaggeration about Wille’s impact on so many of our woodworking trajectories…I’ve written and talked at length about what I often call “craft genealogy” and I trace mine back to a very simple event – Bill Coperthwaite bringing Wille Sundqvist down to meet Drew and Louise Langsner, c. 1976. That visit led to the creation of  Country Workshops, where I often traveled to learn from Drew, Louise, Jennie Alexander, Jögge, Curtis Buchanan and Wille Sundqvist – and on & on.

Plymouth CRAFT has dedicated this year’s Greenwood Fest to Wille Sundqvist and his life’s work.

Fare you well, Wille Sundqvist, rest in peace.


13 thoughts on “Wille Sundqvist

  1. Thanks Peter. I took a class with Wille over 35 years ago at Drew’s. It had a life long impact on me. Wille was a craftsman in his own class. The world truly needs more men like Wille Sundqvist.

  2. His job was done. He passed on his craft to many others who in turn continue to teach us. Many people will remember him through his work. Many more will remember this elegant craft without knowing him; he would probably be happy with that. May he rest in peace and may his family be at peace.

  3. As i learned about spoon carving and green woodworking , Willie Sundqvist was the first name i heard and was told to acquire his book at all cost it was the guide book . The definitive go to answer book for all green wood working skills, techniques and advice . Such a master at his craft his passing was as much a shock and a blow to the green wood working culture , as much as his birth was a blessing to the green wood working culture ! God Bless

  4. Sad news regarding Willie. No doubt we all owe him our gratitude for his part in the wonderful world of green wood working. I had never considered the genealogy piece of this and when you think about it, we owe thanks to all the people passing these skills along.

    Thanks to Willie and thanks to Roy & Peter who got me into this. I’ve never met either of you, but I enjoy reading, watching, and learning! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to take a class in person.

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