Spoons for sale

A small batch of spoons for sale.  A range of crooks, some birch, some cherry. All finished with food-grade flax oil. Shipping included for US, further destinations will require additional postage. The usual arrangements; leave a comment if you’d like one, and let me know if you want to use paypal or send a check.


spoon 18-13, SOLD

cherry. A small steep crook spoon.

L: 8″  W: 1 3/4″


Spoon 18-14; SOLD

cherry again. Wide-bladed small serving spoon.

L: 8 1/2″  W: 2 1/4″



Spoon 18-15; birch. A curve and a crook all in one.

L: 9 1/2″  W:  2 1/8″


Spoon 18-16; SOLD

another birch crook. Slight curve this time…

L:  10″  W:  2 3/8″


Spoon 18-17; SOLD

cherry again. A small eating spoon, rare for me. I don’t often make them. A great crook.

L: 7″  W:  2″


Spoon 18-18; SOLD

maple. My favorite of the batch. LARGE serving spoon. Great crook.

L: 14″  W:  3″



Spoon 18-19; SOLD

Another big one/long one. Birch this time. S-scroll carved in the handle.

L: 15 3/8″  W: 2 1/2″

5 thoughts on “Spoons for sale

  1. Hey Peter,

    Gorgeous work as always. Idiotic thread hijack, but would you ever feel like making some suggestions for a portable sloyd sharpening kit? Selfishly for me because I’m attending Greenwood Fest (excited… check!) but it might help some other blog readers too.

    I’m used to planes and chisels and use waterstones. I won’t be bringing waterstones etc. on the airplane. I have some of Nic Westermann’s groovy kit for maintaining his spoon knife (suede and compound and sandpaper). So… axes and sloyd, sloyd and axes… any handy tips for something portable and efficient?

    Did I mention I’m excited?

    Thanks and apologies again for crashing your post. Can’t wait too see all this marvelous work and talent in one place.


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