Wildlife camera oh yeah

I get requests sometimes from people who want to guest-author a blog post. I reject all. But today, I have my first guest-author, my 12-yr old son Daniel. Here he is:

In mid-April my father bought a wildlife camera. I set it up and mounted it on a tripod. We picked a spot down by the river, tested the angle and left it overnight. The camera is motion activated and shoots 15 second video.The next morning I went and got the card and we got to see some of what happens in the night. The video below is a compilation of the fox playing cat and mouse with a bunny. It was a good night to be a fox but not a bunny.



Then we set it out the next night and it was a total dud. For a few nights we didn’t get anything out of the ordinary; rabbits, birds and squirrels. Then on May 5th we got some of our best stuff yet.



The camera has proven a nice way to see what happens in the yard when we’re not looking.


8 thoughts on “Wildlife camera oh yeah

  1. That was great! What do you think that was that dropped out of the tree in the middle of the screen at about the 55 second mark?

  2. Way to go, Daniel! I really enjoyed that; especially the way the fox was rising up then pouncing down. Love that big raccoon comically wandering through the frame in the second video. Hope to see more sometime!

  3. Daniel you write beautifully and it was your writing that made me go on and watch the videos. It was great to see your different wild life – different that is from the wildlife we have here in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. I’ve never set up a camera at night here, but we do have a “loo with a view” and sometimes when nature calls in the middle of the night I often look out the window onto a paddock full of wallabies and betongs, wombats, possums, quolls and bush rats. I also have a platypus living in my dam, he likes to come out early in the morning or later in the day.

    Thank you for your post. I think you’ll find as you go on that the best things in life happen when you are not looking!

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