some snapshots of birds

I haven’t been out birding in ages. While I was in Virginia, I took a morning off to go to Jamestown Island for a walk. Good eagle habitat there. I saw about 6 or 8  of them during the few hours I was there. Didn’t get any great shots, but a few photo snippets. Here’s an adult taking off from its perch.

I saw several  different juveniles. One was very distinctive, either molting some wing feathers or otherwise lost some..

At one point there was about 4 juvys and an adult in the air over me at once. here’s one of the other young birds.

Out at the tip of the island, I saw this raccoon digging relentlessly in the flats. Maybe not a good sign seeing him/her out at mid-day in the bright sun. Seemed fine, but made me wonder why it was out at that time of day…

Back down the island I ran into some eastern bluebirds, including this one.

I kept seeing flocks of birds I couldn’t get a bead on, ten or twelve birds scattering around here and there. Then I finally got ’em, yellow-rump warblers.

Back home, there’s a chickadee that’s been around all fall and winter, he’s missing some pigment so he shows a lot of white feathers. Daniel dubbed him “Moby Chic”

a pair of hooded mergansers in the river one day.

I gotta try to get out some soon. So much oak to be worked, I’ve been at my bench every daylight moment…but the oak won’t go bad. So maybe tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “some snapshots of birds

  1. Regarding your raccoon, around Lake Ontario we have had a terrible pandemic of distemper for the last three years or so. It’s devastated the local raccoon population, and we are still seeing it hit as recently as this fall. It’s not that far for something like that to travel, especially if you vector in coyotes and other faster-than-coon movers.

    On the positive side, the skunks have moved into that niche in the ecosystem. They are way cuter, and not nearly as nasty once you get to know them.

  2. Apologies if you mentioned it elsewhere in your blog; but your photos have a habit of turning out great. What’s your set-up? Camera model and lens, particularly! Guessing the lens has a great zoom. Thanks.

  3. I had the pleasure of an adult bald eagle soaring around my back yard a week ago. Then a couple days later saw one in Quincy up on Wolliston Hill. I have never seen them in this area in the 16 years I’ve been here. Really quite a treat!

  4. Perhaps the raccoon was taking advantage of a low tide? Your pictures are very nice. We all need a break now and then.

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