First photos for 2018

As I write this blog, I sort the photos into folders, sorted first by the year. Yesterday I started the 11th folder – “BLOG 2018” – whew. So here goes year 11 of this collection of stuff about my oak furniture and more.  Remember when I wrote about finding my stuff on the 2nd-hand market?

Well, now I’ve made it to the big-time second-hand market!

Bob Trent had me make this cabinet for his friends Constance & Dudley Godfrey; and now some of their collection is being sold at Sotheby’s this month. I didn’t do the color. Ours looks new, like this:

This picture is of course a lie. Ever clean up your house when company is coming? I cleaned mine yesterday to shoot some furniture photos. I used to shoot every piece I made at my old shop; getting out background paper, lights – all that stuff. Now I have no room for that. And I decided to try to shoot the stuff in its normal settings. That means either in the shop or the house. To shoot it in the house means remove all the extraneous junk piled here & there – it’s a small house, we home-school the kids – and we both worked in museums, which means we keep everything, thinking it’s important.

Here’s another lie:

I have one of these boxes-with-a-drawer to make for a customer this year. This one usually has horses and funko-pops on it. And other 12-yr-old girl stuff.

Outdoors is perfectly honest chaos. Down river, nearly high tide.

Up river. flooded marsh. 


Spending these fiercely cold days working at the desk.

Lectures coming up in Colonial Williamsburg, Sotheby’s, Fine Woodworking Live in April, and more. I’ll post my schedule for teaching soon. It will include some slots here for one-on-one classes. Keep warm…except you folks in the southern hemisphere, you keep cool.


6 thoughts on “First photos for 2018

  1. Keep ’em coming Peter! I love your blog and look forward to the Williamsburg event. Oh yea, I’ll recommend Chownings Tavern’s “Brunswick Stew” for lunch. It’s a short walk and the stew is a meal.

  2. Don’t worry, we all live that lie from time to time. I would often look at blogs of diy people or designers and think – hang on they’ve got 4 kids, 2 dogs and a goat in a 2 bedroom house – how do they keep it looking like that?

    Then I saw a post about designers homes (as you would imagine, stunning interiors), then they showed a wider angle shot that included all the junk that had been gathered shoved into a corner – and it was a lot of junk!

    So you’re not the only liar on the internet. 😝😝😅

  3. Do you have any more pictures of the “box with a drawer”? I think that would make a great small humidor design.

  4. looking forward to your schedule…good news. Bad news…cold weather and I just broke the blade of my froe.

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