Spoon inspiration, spoon carving resources

For the past week or more, I have been watching various posts about the goings-on in Edale, Derbyshire – the 6th annual Spoonfest. https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/spoonfest/ I was lucky enough to attend last year, and it was a real highlight being there. Spoonfest, put on by Robin Wood and Barn the Spoon and their cadre of interns, volunteers and friends – is the inspiration and model for Greenwood Fest that I help with at Plymouth CRAFT.

so I’ve been thinking a lot about (& carving some) spoons lately. When I teach classes in it, I like to bring along spoons I’ve collected from friends and other carvers for inspiration. I didn’t get too many this year at Greenwood Fest – couldn’t keep up with the shoppers. But a week or so ago, I was at my desk when the email came in about JoJo Wood’s shop update. I didn’t bother scrolling through all the spoons – they could be sold by the time I did that. I found one I liked & ordered it. Got it! The little dipper carved in the handle…

Here’s JoJo’s –

And one I got this spring from Jögge Sundqvist. 

Students always ask about where do you get this or that tool, and other references, resources etc for spoon carving. I have compiled a list, nowhere near comprehensive – of links and more that I can recommend. There are other sources out there, but I can’t keep up with them. I’ve given up trying. Formerly, I had posts about tool sources that included Country Workshops – Drew Langsner has now retired, and their tool-selling action is mostly going to be taken up through the Maine Coast Craft School…see below.

Videos –

The Spoon, the Bowl & the Knife, Wille Sundqvist film. DVD.


Carving Wooden Spoons with Peter Follansbee, Lie-Nielsen DVD.


Jarrod Dahl, The Art of Spoon Carving, Popular Woodworking DVD


Jögge Sundqvist, Carving Swedish Woodenware, Taunton Press DVD, 1988



Books –

Wille Sundqvist, Swedish Carving Techniques, Taunton Press.


Barn Carder, aka Barn the Spoon, Spon – a Guide to Spoon Carving and the New Wood Culture.


Coming 2017, Jögge Sundqvist, Slojd in Wood – Lost Art Press



Del & Mary Stubbs, knives, etc. http://pinewoodforge.com/

Hans Karlsson & Svante Djarv tools: axes, knives, etc – through Maine Coast Craft School – http://www.mainecoastcraft.com/store.html

UK seller for HK tools – http://woodsmithexperience.co.uk/shop/category/hans-karlsson-tools/

Same for Svante Djarv – http://woodsmithexperience.co.uk/shop/category/svante-djarv/

Robin Wood’s spoon carving tools – http://wood-tools.co.uk/

Hans Karlsson website – http://www.klensmide.se/

Nic Westermann, blacksmith; knives, hatchets etc.  – http://nicwestermann.co.uk

Jason Lonon -toolmaker  http://www.jasonlonon.com/toolmaking.html

Reid Schwartz toolmaker http://www.reidschwartz.net/shop/



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